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This Artist Drawing an Incredibly Detailed Mechanical Crab Is Like a Human Printer

Watching this timelapse footage of artist Steeven Salvat drawing a cutaway illustration of a mechanical crab, revealing its impossible inner workings on one side, will make you marvel at his patience and incredibly steady hand. If the art thing doesn’t work out, Salvat could easily find work as a surgeon. Read More >>

A Beautiful Illustration of Something Quite Horrible

Up until a few months ago, we knew virtually nothing about the Zika virus — or what it even looked like. But a beautiful new illustration by David S. Goodsell reveals its hidden details, while also showing how the dreaded virus goes to work. Read More >>

There’s a Horror Novel Lurking in These Ikea-Style Photos

For the DIY-challenged among us, Ikea catalogues are already terrifying enough in their own right. For everybody else, there's Horrorstör—a traditional haunted house story dressed up in trendy, Scandinavian flat-pack furniture. Read More >>

28 Rare Cutaway Illustrations of Classic Cars

Without a doubt, cars are the most popular of all cutaway illustrations, so they couldn't be absent from our cutaway series. Here you have a collection of 28 rare vintage drawings, some of them crafted by some of the greatest cutaway artists in the business. Read More >>

The Relative Screen Resolutions of Your Favourite Devices in One Chart

The display on your phone is relatively tiny. But in pixels, it's friggin' huge. That's the beauty of high resolution. So how would that phone screen compare to your TV, or your tablet or your laptop if it was spread out to a similarly-sized screen? Doghouse Diaries made this graphic to show you, and it's kind of nuts. Read More >>

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A Pen’s-Eye View From an Illustrator’s Hand Is Utterly Hypnotising

Those of us who can barely sketch a stick figure family stare in awe when we see a talented artist at work. But this clip is even more engrossing since the camera has been locked to the artist's tools. Read More >>