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Behold This Treasure Trove of Images From Behind the Scenes of Star Trek’s Final Series

The end of April saw the release of the third instalment of To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage by Gerald Gurian. The book covers the third series of the programme, and it’s got the usual rare and delightful peeks behind the scenes of Star Trek. Read More >>

This Is Our Best Look Yet At Saturn’s Moon Pandora

Pandora is one of Saturn’s many baby moons, far too runty to form a sphere under its own gravity. Instead, this 52-mile across space rock looks more like a fossilised glob of putty in closest image ever captured by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft. Read More >>

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127 Things That Happened in 2016 Summed Up in One Drawing

I was ready for 2016 to be over as soon as it started so excuse me if I pretend that this last stretch just doesn’t exist so I can jump on the heck over to 2017 already. Artist Niv Bavarsky summarised the best and worst of what happened this past year for Beutler Ink in a re-imagined and updated drawing of Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights.  Read More >>

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Here’s a Rare Photo of Donald Trump Using a Computer

Donald Trump is known for having never used a computer. Yes, he infamously writes his own tweets on his phone (and dictates them to lackeys before 7pm) but we have precious little evidence that he has actually sat down and used a desktop or laptop computer. Until now. Read More >>

Escape Cruel Reality for Three Minutes With This Glorious Desert Night Time Lapse

One of the simple wonders of living on a spinning ball with a thin atmosphere in a densely packed corner of space is the view. Many of us dream of settling down by a picturesque coastline or a rugged mountainscape, but we so often forget that the best scenery on planet Earth is located directly overhead. Read More >>

Is This a Picture of Tom Hanks or Bill Murray?

According to IMDB, Tom Hanks has acted in 81 movies in a career that started way back in 1980. Bill Murray has 83 acting credits dating back to 1973. That’s over 35 years in “the industry” together, and yet they’ve never appeared on screen together in the same movie. Read More >>

NASA Releases Photos of Hurricane Matthew Damage at Kennedy Space Center, Says It’s Okay for Now

Many feared that NASA’s Kennedy Space Center was in for a world of hurt this weekend as the category 4 Hurricane Matthew ploughed its way towards the Florida panhandle. But the space agency says that damage was relatively minor and further inspections are taking place today. Read More >>

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Stunning Images Show the Evolution of Monstrous Hurricane Matthew From Space

Hurricane Matthew’s deadly rampage across the Caribbean and up Florida’s coast has kept satellite operators completely engrossed over the past week, as they rush to process more and more jaw-dropping images of our waking meteorological nightmare. Read More >>

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Photo Series Puts the Size of Random Huge Objects in Perspective

This wonderful photo series comparing the size of things by Kevin Wisbith is a really fun way to earn some brain wrinkles, because it gives you a better sense of the true size of random buildings, ships, machines, and other objects. You get to see things like the Death Star hover over Florida in space, a B-2 bomber stretch across the width of an entire American football field, and the Titanic sitting on top of an aircraft carrier. Read More >>

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This Ancient Commodore 64 is Still Being Used to Run a Car in Poland

We need to learn a lesson about needless consumerism from this auto repair shop in Gdansk, Poland, because it still uses a Commodore 64 to run its operations. Yes, the same Commodore 64 released 34 years ago that clocked in at 1 MHz and had 64 kilobytes of RAM. It came out in 1982, was discontinued in 1994, but it’s still used to run an actual company in 2016. That’s awesome. Read More >>

A Fireball Over the Grand Canyon Makes Planet Earth Look Extraterrestrial

If you, like me, are a space nerd living in a city, then you can appreciate the struggle of finding clear skies to watch a meteor shower. But while I couldn’t make it out from under omnipresent light pollution umbrella last week, I got a taste of the Perseid meteor shower thanks to the brilliant work of astrophotographer Harun Mehmedinovic. Read More >>

SpaceX’s Latest Launch-and-Landing Photo Is Rocket-Fueled Glory

If you needed proof that the future of reusable rocket technology is going to be spectacular, look no further than SpaceX’s latest launch-and-landing time exposure photo, which shows a Falcon 9 rocket screaming away from Launch Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral US Air Force Station (left), before the first stage booster lands gently back on terra firma (right). Read More >>

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Rogue One Has a Brand New Poster, and Some Fresh New Footage [Updated]

The annual Star Wars Celebration is currently going on in London, and that means lots of new stuff from the upcoming films. Well, I say films, I mean Rogue One. So here's a brand new poster for you to enjoy. Read More >>

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This Never Before Seen Microscopic Deep Sea Footage Is Other Worldly

A brand new underwater microscope just took an unprecedentedly-close look at the deep seafloor. You can see the footage it took, including a microscopic coral cage-match, right here. Read More >>

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This is the Photo of the Summer

It’s been a rough summer so far. Shootings of civilians by police have caused Americans to ask how much more can be tolerated. And the sniper massacre of police officers in Dallas has put law enforcement on edge. But there have also been a few moments of levity, like when people recently discovered going outside while playing Pokemon Go this weekend. Read More >>