Crisis Just Shared a Bunch of New Photos, Including Our First Look at Kevin Conroy’s Live-Action Batman

It’s great that the CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths is bringing back different actors who played various incarnations of Superman and Lois Lane, and that the event’s digging deep into WB history to give Smallville and Birds of Prey stans the kind of fan service they could scarcely dream of. But what everyone’s really hyped to see is Kevin Conroy as live-action Batman. Read More >>

How Astonishing Zika Virus Images Were Made With a Nobel-Prize Winning Technique

Pretty Scientific is a new Gizmodo series where we explore how the best images in science were created and why. Read More >>

magic leap
This Is Magic Leap’s First Headset

For months, cryptic teases and rampant rumours have indicated that Magic Leap was planning some sort of big reveal related to its long overdue mixed reality headset was coming before the end of the year. On Tuesday, we finally got the look at the device we’ve been waiting for. Read More >>

How To Stop Windows 10 From Screwing Up Your Gorgeous Wallpaper

=Ever had the feeling your high-resolution desktop wallpaper isn’t looking quite as fantastic as you thought it should? It could be because Windows 10 actually compresses the image, presumably to save space. Windows users have been complaining about the problem for months. Luckily, there is a way to make sure you’re always seeing the best-resolution image on your display. Read More >>

How to Hack Google Into Making You One of Britain’s Sexiest Men

There's a small chance that one in ten of you have at some point Googled the phrase "Britain's sexiest man" to see who comes up, and if so, there's one bizarre anomaly waiting within the image results -- the admittedly quite well put together topless form of Tom Church. Read More >>

This Software Creates Vivid Colour Pictures From Black-and-White Photos

Want to inject some colour to your photographs in a hurry? Well, new software can take an alarmingly good guess at what a colour version of your black-and-white photographs may look like. Read more >> Read More >>

The 9 Most Breathtaking Images from the Smithsonian’s Annual Photo Competition

A volcano spewing ash, magical forest fireflies, and a monkey who feels just like we all do about winter weather. These are just a few of the remarkable photos from the Smithsonian’s annual photo contest. Read More >>

Timewarp Map Compares 1800s London to Today’s Streets

If you're not old enough to remember how it used to be before every building on every street was a Costa Coffee, here's a thing. Photos of the London streets of old combined with today's modern 360-degree Street View images, so we can compare the buildings of yesteryear with their current incarnations. Read More >>

Snag All the Images from a Website with One Click

Whether you’re gasping at the beauty of Earth or the wonder of modern-day architecture (or both), there may well be times when you need to quickly download all of the pictures on a particular page—even if you just want some new phone backgrounds to use. One such tool for the job is the I’m A Gentleman extension for Chrome. Read More >>

Save Your Google Image Searches on Mobile

Google’s started experimenting with saving pictures from your image searches in Chrome or Safari on mobile devices. The new feature lets you keep a cache of bookmarked images available on your smartphone or tablet, and while it hasn’t yet been officially announced, you can try it out now. Read More >>

Study: You Suck at Spotting Fake Images

We all like to think we can spot a real from a fake. But a new study by researchers from the the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul suggests that, actually, we’re pretty awful at telling a real digital photo from a fake. Read More >>

Latest New Horizons Photos Make Pluto Look Positively Welcoming

This latest batch of images from the New Horizons probe take us even closer to the surface of the dwarf planet, showing staggering surface detail that includes mountains, plains, frozen nitrogen streams and hazy little fog clouds. Read More >>

Photoshop Reveals How Different Countries See Body Image

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or more commonly, it’s shaped and defined by cultural standards that are different around the world. To try and understand how the perfect body is viewed across the world, designers from 18 countries were asked to Photoshop the same model. Read More >>

image cache
The Eerie Boneyard Where Military Aircraft Go to Die

Where do planes go when they die? If they’re part of military history, they head to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group in Tuscon, Arizona. It’s a storage and repair site for military aircraft, but it’s also a final resting place where you can find dilapidated Polish fighter jets and broken missile rails about to be destroyed. Read More >>

image cache
The Sun’s Magnetic Field Has Never Looked So Good

In photographs taken in the spectrum of visible light, the Sun’s magnetic field is invisible. But this image wasn’t taken in our familiar, visible wavelengths, which is why the Sun’s magnetic field is both apparent and beautiful. Read More >>