Welcome to the UK – Here’s a Massive Queue and a Packet of Crisps

People landing at Heathrow from countries outside of the European Economic Area are facing such lengthy queues to have their passports looked at that airlines are handing out drinks and snacks to stop people passing out or kicking off, with border control routinely keeping visitors lining up at passport control for more than two hours. Read More >>

Passengers Left on Planes at Heathrow as Staff Watched World Cup Games

Pity anyone trying to land or get off an aeroplane in the UK this evening, as during one previous World Cup match travellers were left on aeroplanes as border staff took time off to watch the England team scrape through on penalties against Colombia. Read More >>

Canada’s ‘Random’ Immigration Lottery Uses Microsoft Excel, Which Isn’t Actually Random

Last year, Canada introduced a new lottery system used to extend permanent-resident status to the parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens. The process was designed to randomly select applicants in order to make the process fairer than the old first-come, first-served system. There’s just one problem: the software used to run the lottery isn’t actually random. Read More >>

Open Rights Group is Taking the Government to Court Over Immigrant Data Access Exemptions

Back in December it was revealed that sections of the upcoming Data Protection Bill would strip the three million EU citizens living in the UK of their digital rights. More specifically anyone going through the immigration process wouldn't be allowed to how much of their data has been collected and held onto by private companies and public authorities - something that would prevent these people from challenging errors made by the home office (which apparently happen to 1 in 10 cases). Read More >>

Report: Phone Searches at US Border Set to Skyrocket in 2017

The recent anecdotal evidence of an increase in phone searches at the border turns out to be spot on. According to data obtained by NBC News, the number of phone searches at the border has skyrocketed this year, with more searches performed on phones in February 2017 than the entire year of 2015. Read More >>

Uber’s CEO Praises the ‘Magic of America’ in Toothless Statement on Immigration Ban

Being part of Trump’s economic advisory team and the head of an international Silicon Valley company has Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick in a bit of a pickle. His official statement regarding the president’s immigration ban takes virtually no position, aside from that America is great. Read More >>

US Immigration Might Want to See the Tweets of Potential Visitors

The US immigration people have added a really quite worrying new option to its list of data it asks entrants to the country to provide -- the social media account details of travellers. So be prepared to spend 36 hours in a little room being questioned by a humourless man with a non-ironic moustache if you've ever got Trump to RT a photo of a murderer. Read More >>

Canada Confirms a Stampede of Americans Crashed Immigration Website on Election Night

On Tuesday night, following the ascendance of a sentient bottle of fake tan to the most powerful office in the world, so many people visited Canada’s informational immigration website that it crashed. Now, officials have confirmed what some already suspected: A large number of those people were desperate Americans presumably plotting their escape. Read More >>

US Customs Wants to See Foreigners’ Dumb Tweets and Embarrassing Snaps

If you’re a foreigner travelling into or out of the United States, US Customs and Border Protection wants to see your social media accounts. If my Twitter account is any indication, they are in for a dumb, boring time. Read More >>

Mesmerising Animation Shows Which Countries Sent the Most Immigrants to the US Since 1820

Immigration is a hot topic in the United States right now, thanks in part to a rather blustery presidential candidate. But as this animated map created by Metrocosm reminds us, migrants have been a defining aspect of the U.S. for centuries. Read More >>

Australia’s Secret History as a White Utopia

Today, the majority of Australians take pride in being part of a multicultural, multiethnic society – but the nation has a brutally racist history. Read More >>

Migrant’s Selfie Travel Doc Was a Fake

The Instagram account of a supposed migrant travelling to Europe from Senegal has been revealed as a hoax, meaning hundreds of people left their finest racist comments beneath photos documenting his escape to the EU for no good reason. Read More >>

Ai Weiwei Can Leave China, But the UK’s Not Keen on Having Him

The UK immigration and visas department is the latest state authority to have a go at artist Ai Weiwei, who's proudly back in possession of his Chinese visa -- but not being made to feel welcome over here. Read More >>

Drone Footage Shows Massive New Border Fence Between Hungary and Serbia

Hungarian police are erecting a 175-kilometre-long razor wire fence along the border between Hungary and Serbia. This depressing video from Drone Media Studio shows how the beautiful countryside is being destroyed, literally and figuratively, by anti-immigration policies. Read More >>

New UK Immigrants to Lose Benefits if They Fail Tougher English Language Test

The government is aiming to appease the growing anti-immigration crowd with a new crackdown on the perceived wave of "benefit tourists," with Jobcentre staff to be tasked with checking the English skills of new claimants and denying benefits to those who fail. Read More >>