Angry Birds Dev Pushes Creative Boundaries With IAP-Filled Flappy Bird Clone

There's still an (official) Flappy Bird-shaped hole in the app store. So who better to fill it than Rovio, makers of the original avian app success story, Angry Birds? And fill it they will -- with dreaded in-app purchases, that is. Read More >>

Office of Fair Trading Gives Developers Two Months to End Shady In-App Purchases Practises

The Office of Fair Trading wants UK app developers to comply with new guidelines put in place to protect parents from the dread of in-app purchases, with the threat of legal action if they fail to make it easier to stop kids racking up £1,000 on buying new hair for virtual teddies. Read More >>

Apple to Refund £20m to Parents Over In-App Purchases

Apple has settled a suit with the US Federal Trade Commission over disclosures that it was too easy for children to make in-app purchases. And it'll be quite a chunk of change coming out of its coffers. Read More >>

Candy Crush Creator in Line for Staggering £3bn Share Launch

King, the company behind Candy Crush and a handful of other significantly less popular mobile titles, has filed paperwork in the US suggesting it's about to go public on the stock market. A share sale could value the mobile publisher at an insane $5bn. Read More >>

Billion-Dollar Smash GTA V Also Wants Real Cash to Burn Online

The online part of GTA V is set to launch on October 1st, when all the fun people are having will be opened up for full internet multiplayer gaming. And you'll be able to "pay to win" by handing over real money to gather in-game cash at a greater rate. Read More >>

Most Candy Crush Players Have Tirelessly Ground Their Way Through It Without Paying

Stats from the developer of social game phenomenon Candy Crush Saga reveal that it perhaps isn't the shameless money-machine most think, with around 70 per cent of players doing it the hard and extremely boring way without paying to progress. Read More >>

This Nintendo Knock-Off is the Most Ridiculous Rip-Off Game I Think I’ve Ever Seen

OK, this is getting stupid. Games that instantly attempt to fleece you for £70 the moment you try to play should be banned. This particular beauty not only rips off Pokemon and Mario, but also attempts to milk your wallet at almost every turn. This genuinely is the most absurd thing in mobile gaming I think I've seen in a very long time. Read More >>

Apple to Settle In-App Purchase Lawsuit With Free iTunes Credit

Apple has announced that it's to settle a class action lawsuit about in-app purchases — that could have involved more than 23 million App Store users! — by bunging the affected parties free iTune credit. Read More >>

Windows Phone 7 Gets Screwed on In-App Purchases Too

Oh dear Windows Phone 7, looks like Microsoft really doesn't love you anymore. If you were on the fence about buying a new Windows Phone right now, this should tell you what you need to know. Microsoft's new in-app purchasing system will only be available on Windows Phone 8. Read More >>