Leaked Images Suggest Gmail’s Redesign Is Going to Be Very Attractive

Yesterday, Google sent out an internal email to G Suite administrators announcing a new design for Gmail on the web sporting a “fresh, clean look.” Images of what is presumably the redesign appeared on Imgur late last night with key info redacted via large black blocks, and today The Verge obtained additional images of what the revamped Gmail could look like when it rolls out for real sometime in the next few weeks. Read More >>

How To Use Google Inbox as a Read-It-Later Service

If you’re looking to ditch your favourite read-it-later service, all you need is the Google Inbox app, Google’s newest email client. Here’s exactly how to save pages from the web to Inbox so you can catch up on reading later. Read More >>

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How to Use Gmail and Inbox Together

Google developed two very good email clients for the web, Android, and iOS, but you don’t have to choose between them. It’s possible to use the two apps together, taking advantage of the best features from both to power through your overflowing inbox. Here are some tips on how to do it without getting in a complete tangle. Read More >>

Google’s Neural Network Can Now Reply to Gmail Messages For You

If you’ve ever wanted a robot to respond to your emails, you’re in luck. Today, Google is announcing a new feature to its ambitious Inbox app that will enlist the company’s artificial neural network to craft automatic replies to incoming Gmail messages. You’ll never need to type again! Read More >>

Yahoo Kills Passwords With Simple Phone Sign-ins

Yahoo just laid another brick in the road to its password-less future: on a blog post, the company showed off its new mail app and another way for users to enter their accounts without needing to remember a password. Read More >>

Snooze Emails Until Just the Right Time With Inbox By Gmail

Don’t forget about Inbox, the Gmail spin-off that tries to manage most of your messages automatically. It may not have the traction of Google’s primary email client just yet, but it’s still getting new features on a regular basis—including the ability to snooze specific emails until a delivery or event date mentioned in the body of the message. Read More >>

Google’s Inbox App Gets Smart Snooze Feature

When you snooze an email in Google’s Inbox app, it will now work out the best time to remind you about it, such as remindimg you of a restaurant booking an hour in advance, or about your flight the day before. Read More >>

Gmail Now Uses Artificial Neural Networks to Sniff Out Spam

Gmail’s spam filters have always been pretty good, but now they’re getting a shot in the arm. Google’s rolling out its artificial neural network technology, currently used in the likes of its Search and Now apps, to help reduce the weight of unwanted email even further. Read More >>

Gmail Will Give Anyone an Invite to Inbox for One Hour Today

Whether or not you've got email problems, you're probably dying to try Gmail's little electronic mail solution, Inbox. It's been tough to get an invite, but today the product team will guarantee your invite between 11PM and 12AM GMT. Here's how to nab one. Read More >>

Google Inbox First Look: Potentially Awesome But Not Quite There

When the news broke yesterday of Google's new Inbox app, my initial reaction was sceptical. How many times as an app tried to "solve" email? Inbox is Google's way of helping you organise the typhoon of greetings, promos, invoices, and discussions that beg for your attention. And after using it for a while, I can see the potential, but I'm still wary of handing over my email-life. Read More >>

Google Can’t Fix What’s Really Wrong With Email: Us

This week Google announced an ambitious project called Inbox, a new way to manage your Gmail that looks like an absolute godsend. There is, however, one thing that Google's clever engineering won't fix, and might actually make worse: the humans sending the emails. Read More >>

Google’s Inbox App Wants to Read Your Email So You Don’t Have to

Google has just revealed a project two years in the making. At first glance it looks just like a redesign of Gmail, and that's sort of half true. It's actually a completely new system called Inbox and it wants to reimagine your email. Read More >>

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How to Conquer Your Inbox Once and For All

If you find a feeling of helpless despair descending upon you every time you open up your email inbox, help is at hand—you can get on top of your messages without hiring a personal secretary, and we're here to show you how. Read More >>

How Manic are You About Organising Emails?

I get a lot of email. Not so much that it's threatening my quality of life, but definitely a lot. I mainly use Gmail and I have some basic organisational systems in place (a label here, a star there). I have to keep up with the daily onslaught and maintain my inbox, but like I said I don't associate a lot of stress with it. Read More >>