ces 2018
CES 2018: Putting a Battery Inside a Laptop Sleeveis a Brilliant Idea

All your gadgets rely on batteries, and all batteries suck. Trying to keep all of your toys perpetually charged is the biggest downside of a gadget addiction, but there are ways to cope, like using Incase’s new Connected Power Sleeve to protect and power your MacBook Pro. Read More >>

Daily Desired: This Laptop Bag Will Bring You Back to Nature

Lugging all the sweet gear that makes life more convenient around the city becomes the source of its own headaches. Your bag is heavy, uncomfortable, and hideous. This new Incase bag should help with the last bit at least. Read More >>

lightning review
Incase Sonic Headphones Lightning Review: Super Stylish, Surprisingly Solid

Incase makes…headphones? Yep. The iPhone case maker and all around Apple accessory extraordinaire is dipping their toe into audio and like all the gear you've come to expect from Incase, the detail and build quality is awesome. But what about the sound? Read More >>