Google’s Adds an Icognito Search Mode on iOS

Even if you're on the go, there are times when you don't want your search history hanging around (I do hope you're very subtle about it, though). Chrome's Incognito Mode is a great tool for this, and now it's been added to iOS's Google Search App. Read More >>

Your Browser’s Private Mode Isn’t as Secret as You Think

Your browser’s private or incognito mode can be useful for many reasons, but you should always know what it is – and more importantly isn’t – hiding. Here’s exactly what’s happening when you launch a private window. Read More >>

Chrome Incognito “Private” Mode Can Reveal Your Porn Sessions Hours Later

Think Google's Chrome browser Incognito mode can keep your salacious web habits private? Think again – depending on your computer set-up, it can't even keep schtum for a couple of hours. Read More >>

Bad Movie Fans Rejoice: Netflix Might Get an Incognito Mode

Good news for people with horrible taste in movies: Netflix is testing out a private viewing feature. Now the only ones aware of your affinity for Jungle 2 Jungle will be you and your crippling shame. Read More >>

Uh Oh, Chrome’s Incognito Mode Is Broken on iOS 7

Better be careful what you search for on your iPhone. Chrome's incognito mode on iOS 7 is leaky, and your embarrassing searches might not be as safe as you thought. Read More >>