A Hand-Built Amusement Park in the Middle of the Italian Forest

A documentary called Ai Pioppi, released by Fabrica and written by Luiz Romero, documents the incredible story of Bruno, an Italian restaurateur who, in his spare time, is hand-building an entire amusement park in the woods. Read More >>

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This is the Most Incredible Video Game Thing You’ll Ever See

You think you're a God at Tetris. You've been playing it since you were a kid on the original Game Boy, but I can guarantee you, you've never seen anything quite like this. Read More >>

Red Bull Pitstop
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Why Yes, It Is Possible to Change All Four Tyres on an F1 Car in 2.05 Seconds

Next time you go to your local tyre shop, demand a 'Mark Webber change', just like this. During the Malaysian Grand Prix last month, the Red Bull team managed to break records. Not with the fastest car or anything like that, but with the fastest pit stop, where all four wheels are changed, ever made. In just 2.05 seconds. Incredible. That's barely enough time to stop a car, let alone anything else. Read More >>

If You Love Pizza, This Is the Best Invention In the World

Every home delivery pizza joint in the world should give this gadget away: a fridge magnet button that will automatically place an order for your favourite pizza. One button pizza delivery, folks. After this amazing feat, the only human achievement left is world peace. Read More >>

HTC Blabs Its Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Dates

Good news Sensation users – by the end of March you should have a tasty new version of Android running on your phones if you’re hold a Sensation or Sensation XE, with the XL following “soon thereafter”. HTC Evo 3D, Incredible S, Desire S and Desire HD will all get Android 4.0 too, but “later this year”. Read More >>