The Biggest Rattlesnake You’ll Ever See?

The biggest western diamondback rattlesnake ever caught? An Arkansas man borrowed a hot pink snubnose revolver from his wife to shoot this one after it bit one of his dogs. Read More >>

Canada’s Badass New Defence Minister Patented This Gas Mask For His Sikh Beard

Traditional gas masks are designed to seal to your face and neck, protecting you from breathing harmful chemical or biological agents. But they won’t work with full beards, which is a problem if you’re a Sikh warrior like Harjit Sajjan. His solution? Read More >>

This Is Why You Carry A Backup ‘Chute

Ever been tempted to shoot your parachute with a flare gun mid-flight? Well, this is what will happen if you do. Read More >>

In Italy, The Night Is Alive With Wolves

This soundtrack was recorded in the Abruzzo region of central Italy. Imagine hearing this at night, in the woods; it’ll send a tingle up your spine. Read More >>

2016 Specialized Turbo S Review: The Best Electric Bike Yet, At A Price

“Holy Shit!” Those are the first words said—or, more typically, shouted—by everyone who’s thrown a leg over the 2016 Specialized Turbo S. This thing is fast. But it’s not the speed that takes you by surprise, it’s how well electric power is integrated into the human cycling experience. Read More >>

35 Harrowing Man Vs Nature Movies, Ranked

Mankind has always been fascinated by our role in and conflict with the natural world. And, that means movies about dangerous animals, treacherous mountains, angry seas and foreboding deserts. Let’s rank the best; you can watch the winner right here. Read More >>

Six Months After The Earthquake, Nepal is Open for Adventure

Nepal is home to the best climbing, trekking and mountaineering on earth. But, earlier this year, it also had a massive earthquake, an avalanche on Everest and is right now subject to a “blockade” by its neighbor India. Can you still visit? Surprisingly, now may be the best time ever. Read More >>

Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf

Here’s your feel good story for the day. NOAA researchers have captured what are probably the best aerial photos of wild Killer Whales ever and are here to explain how the images demonstrate an incredibly strong, collaborative family bond. Take the time to sit down and enjoy this video, in which marine mammal biologist John Durban walks you through what’s happening in each image. You’ll see other orcas bringing dinner to a nursing mother and family bonds that last as the whales mature throughout their life spans. All photos and captions courtesy NOAA: Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf An adult female Southern Resident killer whale (L94) nursing her calf. Lactation is energetically costly for these whales, and future photogrammetry images of the calf’s growth and the mother’s condition will reveal if the mother is getting enough food to support both herself and the calf. Note the distinctive saddle patch on the mother. This allows scientists to recognise individual whales in photographs. Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf Photogrammetry image the A42 family group of Northern residents. Killer whales travel in their matrilineal family group their entire lives. Here the matriarch A42 is in the middle with her newest calf beneath her. Note A42’s distinctive saddle patch. This allows scientists to recognize individual whales from the photographs and assess their health.  Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf New mother L91 eating a salmon as her newborn calf looks on. This fish was caught and given to her by other members of the family group, showing that relatives help her as she cares for her calf. Image to be used for health assessment. Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf A photogrammetry image of the entire I16 matriline of Northern Resident killer whales taken in 2014. This image shows the size of whales at different ages. Note the small, gray calf in the middle (I144), only a few months old, swimming to the right of its mother (I51). To the left of the mother is the calf’s older sibling (I129). Images to be used for health assessment. Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf Another image of I51 and her two offspring, this one taken in 2015. Comparing this image to the one taken the year before, one can see that the youngest calf (I144) has lost its grey mottling and grown considerably. It is now almost half the length of its mother and approaching the length of its older sibling (I129). These images show how scientists can track the growth of individual whales across time to monitor their health and condition. Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf Photogrammetry image of an adult female Southern Resident (J16) as she’s about to surface with her youngest calf, born earlier this year, alongside. Future photogrammetry will allow scientists to monitor the growth of the calf and condition of the mother to ensure they are getting an adequate food supply. Drone Captures First-Ever Aerial Photos Of Nursing Orca Calf Photogrammetry image of an adult female Southern Resident killer whale (J28) travelling with her juvenile offspring (J46). This image reveals the wide body profile of the mother, indicating that she is likely pregnant and due to have a second calf in the coming months. Read More >>

How to Make Your Own Venison Sausage at Home

Homemade sausage is so good and so cheap to make that you’ll never buy it from a shop again. Here’s my take on a super healthy hot Italian. Read More >>

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Winter is Coming: How to Stay Warm as the Weather Gets Colder

Well, are you? Here’s a comprehensive guide to staying warm, staying dry and staying active when it’s cold outside. We’ll show you the best ways to do that, but also the affordable ways. Read More >>

Three Months After Learning to Ride a Mountain Bike, I Took on the World’s Best Trails

My goal for this trip was “Don’t Die!” But, when you get the chance to ride the best bike trails in the world, with some of the best riders, what are you going to say? For me, it wasn’t going to be “no,” even though I wasn’t in shape and in no way a good enough rider. Read More >>

This New Electric Bicycle Adjusts Performance To Your Individual Rides

Problem: You don’t know how much of your electric bicycle’s performance you can use before its battery runs out. Solution: The new Specialised Turbo S let’s you programme ride distance, time and how much charge you want to use, then maximises electric assist to suit. Read More >>

How Compound Bows Work And What You Need To Know To Shoot One

The fastest, most powerful, most accurate bows ever made are modern compound designs. What advantages do they have over traditional bows of yore and how do you shoot one? Read More >>

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How To Fix A Flat Tire When You’re Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere

If you’re going to go off-road in your car or on your motorcycle, you need to know how to fix a flat tire. You’ll often be a long ways from help and likely without phone reception. Luckily, it’s easy to do. We just made a video showing you how. Read More >>

Inside California’s Crystal Ice Cave

One of the most unique environments on earth exists in a seldom-visited corner of northern California. Lava Beds National Monument is home to over 700 caves, some of which are full of rare ice formations or play home to solitary biomes like this fern cave. They also allowed a tribe of Indians to make one of the last stands against the American government. Here’s how you can visit. Read More >>