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Report: India Prime Minister Proposes Helping the Coal Industry Survive Amid Climate Crisis

Coal may continue to reign in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has proposed to skip a carbon tax on this dangerous fossil fuel, according to documents Reuters reviewed. Given how urgent the climate crisis is becoming, the world simply cannot afford any more handouts to the coal industry. Read More >>

Indian Authorities Order Internet Shutdowns Amid Mass Protests, Outrage Over Citizenship Law

Indian authorities have shut down internet access across much of the nation amid widespread protests against prime minister and far-right supremacist Narendra Modi and his government’s new law designed to bar Muslims from gaining citizenship. Read More >>

India’s Sacred Groves Are Disappearing, Taking Biodiversity and Culture With Them

Past the outskirts of Kochi, a teeming south Indian city of 2.1 million, it’s possible to walk a few short minutes and enter another world. Under a leafy green canopy a 90-minute drive from the city’s busy downtown core, the screech of motorcycle engines is slowly replaced by the trilling of birds. The air is cooler here, pleasant with the aroma of leaves and loam. Read More >>

Amateur Space Enthusiast Helps NASA Locate Crashed Indian Lunar Lander

Three months after the Vikram lander slammed into the Moon, NASA has confirmed the exact location of the crash site. The space agency is crediting Shanmuga Subramanian – an Indian app developer and amateur space sleuth – for spotting the scattered remains of the lost probe. Read More >>

Indian Government Asserts Widespread Digital Surveillance Powers After WhatsApp Hack

The Indian government has asserted sweeping powers to “intercept, monitor, or decrypt” any information that is “generated, transmitted, received, or stored” on any computer network in the country, per TechCrunch, and for purposes as vague as national security or safeguarding “public order.” Read More >>

Closed Schools, Delayed Flights, and Restricted Cars: India’s Air Pollution Disaster

The air quality of Delhi, India, is growing so dangerous for human health that officials in the capital territory on Monday began to restrict vehicle use in a bid to prevent the situation from worsening. In fact, the region saw record-breaking air pollution over the weekend, according to DD News. Read More >>

Study: Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Would Trigger Global Starvation

In addition to killing as many as 125 million people, a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan would unleash mass starvation around the world due to the ensuing climate impacts, according to a disturbing new study. Read More >>

Cadbury Puts Massive Chocolate Foot in Diversity Debate

Cadbury did something it thought was good and very clever to help celebrate India's Independence Day, blending together four chocolates of various milkiness and combining them into one bar. This says that no matter what the colour of the skin of the person you eat is, we all taste the same. Read More >>

Historic Indian Moon Mission Underway After Successful Launch of Chandrayaan-2 Lander and Rover

The Chandrayaan-2 mission is officially off to a promising start, as India vies to become the fourth nation to land on the Moon. Read More >>

Hey, Netflix, How About You Give Us a £2-ish Mobile-Only Plan Too

Netflix has finally unveiled its new, comparatively cheaper mobile-only plan in India—and honestly? This kind of seems like something that a lot of its UK users could get on board with. Read More >>

Why Chennai, India’s Sixth Biggest City, Has Run Out of Water

In what’s becoming an increasingly common story, a major city has run out of water. Chennai, India is home to 4.65 million and a severe deficit of water to serve their needs. Read More >>

Facebook Still Working On the Whole Genocide Thing

In a blog post on Thursday evening, social media giant Facebook announced several changes meant to mitigate the effects of misinformation and hate speech causing real-world violence, including the formation of a Strategic Response team meant to stop a repeat of what happened in Myanmar. Read More >>

Apple Contemplates Moving 15 to 30% of Production Capacity Outside of China Over Trade War: Report

Apple is exploring a shift of anywhere from 15 percent to 30 percent of its production capacity outside of China to somewhere in Southeast Asia, according to a new report from the Nikkei Asia Review. The potential move is getting billed as a “fundamental restructuring” of Apple’s supply chain. Read More >>

climate change
It Hit Nearly 51 Degrees Celsius in India This Weekend

India was the hottest place in the world this weekend. The northern state of Rajasthan was the epicentre of an extreme heat wave that very nearly broke the all-time temperature record for India. Read More >>

India’s Monkeys Keep Killing People, So Scientists are Trying Radical New Sterilisation Strategies

One evening last November, a young woman named Neha was feeding her infant son inside their house in Runkata, a small town in the outskirts of Agra, India. Suddenly, a monkey broke into the house, snatched the baby boy from her arms, and made away with him. Neighbours chased the unexpected kidnapper with stones, but to their horror, the baby was soon found lying blood-soaked on a nearby terrace. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Arush, who was just 12 days old, did not survive. Perhaps this sounds like a freak tragedy, a rare case of a wild animal behaving outside its natural order but, truthfully, there was nothing especially rare about this incident. Read More >>