Blue Raspberry Pi Helps Celebrate Indie Computer’s 1st Birthday

The maker of the sensational Raspberry Pi has built a limited edition 1,000 unit run of blue-boarded versions of the tiny computer, to celebrate one year of disrupting the home computing scene. You can't buy the blue one, though. It's being saved for use as prizes and free donations to charitable causes. If know someone or a project that deserves a freebie Pi, tweet the maker using these rules. Read More >>

StoryBundle Gives You Five Indie Books For Whatever You Want

If you like to read, and you like to pay as little as possible, then check this out. It's called StoryBundle and it's pretty awesome, though that's a given considering it's the brainchild of former Gizmodo editor Jason Chen. StoryBundle is not too dissimilar from the indie game bundle series, The Humble Indie Bundle, but instead it's for ebooks -- pay what you want for awesome indie works. Read More >>

How the Hell Can Indie Films Make Money When the BBFC Charges £8.40 Per Minute to Watch and Classify Them?

We have a pretty vibrant community of indie filmmakers here in the UK. It's something we should be really proud of, but their success is hampered severely by bureaucratic hoops that cost an absolute boatload to jump through. Frankly, it's a miracle there are any indie movies at all. Read More >>