Scientists Describe a New Orangutan Species and It’s Already in Danger

All of the orangutans in the world would probably only fit into a college football stadium. Today, scientists are announcing that just one of the sections of that stadium is actually an entirely different species. And it’s already in danger. Read More >>

Indonesian Island Prepares for Devastating Volcanic Eruption

This month has been marked with a staggering number of geological and meteorological catastrophes. Powerful hurricanes have pummelled the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, and a spate of earthquake events rocked Mexico. Now, geologists worry that seismic activity in Indonesia will lead to a powerful volcanic eruption. Read More >>

Villagers Find Missing Man’s Corpse in Belly of Enormous Snake

Snakes are scary. Even little ones — the way they move, the prospect of venom, those little forked tongues—can send chills down your neck. But did you know that some snakes can eat human beings? A tragic incident in Indonesia recently reminded the world of this fact. Read More >>

Cruise Ship Smashes Into One of the World’s Most Beautiful Coral Reefs

A popular diving site filled with spectacular coral reefs has been severely damaged in West Papua, New Guinea, after a British-owned cruise ship got caught in low tide and slammed into it. It could take years for the reefs, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, to bounce back, and local officials want the company to pay for the damage. Read More >>

Indonesia’s Awful Fire Season Killed Up to 100,000 People

This time last year, tens of thousands of fires were raging across Indonesia’s peat forests, spewing carbon like coal plants and sending smoke halfway around the planet. But those fires weren’t just bad for our atmosphere: they were awful for the people who breathe it. Read More >>

A Single Bad Fire Season Sent Smoke Halfway Around the Planet

For several months last autumn, Indonesia choked under a blanket of smog furled by one of the worst fire seasons in its history. But smouldering peatlands didn’t limit their pollution to the island nation: they sent smoke halfway across the world. Read More >>

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Inside the Toxic Sulphur Quarries That Keep Your Tyres Rolling

You can thank the guys toiling in this pictures for the fact that you don’t have to change your tyres very often: They’re mining sulphur, which is mainly used to vulcanise rubber and make it more durable. Read More >>

Fires Caused These Massive Plumes of Carbon Monoxide to Appear Over Indonesia

Tens of thousands of wildfires ravaged Indonesia in September and October. A sizeable portion of these blazes was smouldering subterranean peat fires, which sent toxic gas and particulate matter into the atmosphere. This new map shows the extensive spread of one particularly nasty gas: carbon monoxide. Read More >>

Fires in Indonesia are Emitting More Carbon Than All Americans Combined

The United States may be the second largest carbon emitter on the planet, but it’s got a new rival: Forest fires. Indonesia is in the midst of a devastating fire season, one that’s kicking up more greenhouse gases than the entire US economy. Read More >>

Could Ski Lifts Solve Gridlock?

As solutions to congestion and gridlock go, we never thought we'd hear the notion that elevating the commuter class above the traffic would be one being considered. Well, not unless the solution included flying cars – but we're still waiting for those. Read More >>

AirAsia Debris Identified off the Coast of Borneo

The ongoing search attempt to discover AirAsia Flight 8501 is edging closer to a discovery. Indonesian officials have announced that they've discovered aeroplane debris in waters near the island of Borneo—and authorities have now confirmed that the debris is from AirAsia Flight 8501. Reports suggest that around 40 bodies have now been retrieved from the site. Read More >>

The Raid: A Bloody Romp Through Jakarta’s Deadliest High Rise (NSFW)

While American audiences must endure summer snoozefests starring '80s action heros rehashing their glory days, a number of East Asian studios are filling the void with a graphic reimagining of the genre. The bloody jewel atop this brutal cinematic crown is Merantu Film's The Raid: Redemption. It's Old Boy meets Man from Nowhere times a thousand. Read More >>

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Farming Sulphur on the Edge of an Acid-Spewing Volcano Is Just as Miserable as It Sounds

The sulphur in your match-head comes from the earth just like any other ore. However, most other minerals aren't still excavated by hand. From the edges of giant acid pools. Read More >>

Grapefruit-Sized "Goal Balls" Aim to Clear Indonesian Train Roofs of Ruffians

Need to keep the riff-raff off the roof of your shiny new commuter train? Do what Indonesia's state railway did and just sweep the little bastards off with a broom made of suspended concrete balls. Remember to duck! Read More >>

RIM Top Exec Suspect In Blackberry Rio — 40 People Injured

Not only do they keep screwing their technology and products, but RIM executives seem decided to burn the company down. Last week two execs got so drunk and crazy that a China-bound plane had to return to Canada. Read More >>