A Vaccine for Flesh-Eating Bacteria Is Now in Sight

Researchers at the University of California San Diego have taken a significant step forward in the effort to develop a vaccine against the bacteria responsible for strep throat, toxic shock syndrome, and flesh-eating disease. Read More >>

You Can Contract Fatal Bacteria Just By Sniffing

Everything is dangerous. Sitting too much is bad, washing machines are infestation sites for E. coli, and now the simple act of sniffing can infect you with a bacteria that has a 50 per cent chance of killing you. Read More >>

How a Flu Virus Invades a Cell

Researchers from the University of Washington are the first to visualise the insidious way that the flu virus latches onto a cell and ploughs its way inside, causing an infection. Read More >>

Biologist: We’re Completely Unprepared to Handle a Zombie Outbreak

A zombie virus may not be at the top of your list of likely apocalypses, but I think we can all agree that it would suck to get caught unprepared. Unfortunately, we are. As proven by countless movies, TV shows, and novels, society is woefully unready to deal with an infectious, flesh-eating horde. Read More >>

Smart Sutures Use Ultra-Thin Technology to Detect Infection

As we all learned this month, infections are cray. By the time my cat bite infection was seen by an infectious diseases specialist it was past the point of antibiotic responsiveness. We tried two, neither worked. So they operated, drained the infection, sewed me up. Read More >>