Some Startup Is Definitely Going to Use This Gigantic Bouncy Castle as an Office

The Guinness Book of World Records doesn’t officially recognise this enormous inflatable city of fun as the world’s largest bouncy castle, but when was the last time you were at a birthday party and saw one of these as big as a McMansion? Read More >>

Why Spend a Few Quid on Bridge Tolls When You Can Burn Thousands on a Car Barge?

The next time your trip from point A to point B involves a river crossing, just toss one of these inflatable car ferries in your trunk and save yourself a few quid and open up a world of potential waterway-faring peril. Read More >>

An Inflatable Planetarium Where You Can Climb Into the Night Sky 

If you happened to drive on London's perpetually congested A13 in late November, you may have noticed it: below the flyover, an eerily glowing orb surrounded by crowds of people who seemed to be crawling in and out of the strange erection. Read More >>

Volvo’s Inflatable Child Seat Concept Fits in a Backpack

At one time the military actually tried to develop inflatable planes that were strong enough to fly, but easy to transport. Those never materialised, but the technology involved—a drop-stitch fabric that can be inflated to very high pressures—has enabled Volvo to create an inflatable child car seat that's just as safe as everything already on the market. Read More >>

3d printing
These Blossoming Flowers Are the First Inflatable 3D-Printed Object

Most objects created by 3D printers are made from hard rigid plastics, but as the hardware is continually being improved, new materials are coming into play. Believe it or not, at Victoria University of Wellington's School of Design, Richard Clarkson has succeeded in 3D printing these flowers from a soft rubber-like material that can actually be inflated. Read More >>

An Inflatable Concert Hall Inspired By… Giant Plums?

Designed by Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, who teamed with British-Indian sculptor Anish Kapoor, the Ark Nova is touted as the world's first inflatable concert hall. Kapoor is no stranger to inflatable structures, having created the Leviathan in Paris back in 2011. But that structure was designed to stay put inside the city's Grand Palais, whereas the Ark Nova is designed to travel around Japan for the Lucerne Music Festival, visiting parts of the country still recovering from the tsunami. Read More >>

This Giant Inflatable Hangar Is Solar Impulse’s Home Away From Home

When you're flying around the world in a lightweight solar-powered plane with a wingspan larger than most commercial airliners, you need to guarantee you've always got a safe place to store it on the ground. So the support team behind the Solar Impulse, the world's first globe circumnavigating solar-powered aircraft, decided that the easiest way to guarantee they always had adequate shelter, was to simply bring one with them wherever they went. Read More >>

Inflatable Minigun Cannon: Minimal Imagination Required

When you're eight years old it doesn't take much imagination for a cardboard tube on the end of your arm to become a missile launcher or a machine gun. But when you're older, it takes a little more convincing. And that's clearly what inspired this inflatable faux minigun. Read More >>

iRobot’s Inflatable Arm Could Be the Future of Grappling

If you remember our Bots of War series from last year, than you are familiar with iRobot's hardcore military robot fleet. But just because they're awesome doesn't mean they're done evolving. The comping generations may have lightweight, inflatable arms. Read More >>

Epic Inflatable Obstacle Course Puts Bouncy Houses To Shame

If you've got £8,300 burning a hole in your pocket, and a desire to have the most kick-ass backyard in the neighbourhood, no swingset or even tree house is going to outdo this mind-blowing 1,850 square foot inflatable obstacle course. Read More >>

Inflatable Cast Stabilises Injuries In Mere Seconds

Seconds count when someone sustains a major injury, and properly pre-treating the patient before they get to the hospital can vastly improve their recovery time. So Kinoshita Kogyo has developed the Multiprotector inflatable cast and tourniquet that can be easily applied even by someone lacking proper medical training. Read More >>

An Inflatable Shark Is Your England-Euro-2012-Early-Exit-Recovery-Plan Deal of the Day

Euro 2012 is about to start and England is ready to get into party mode! Until they get knocked out of the tournament at an early stage, upon which the rest of the UK will get into party mode! Read More >>

Inflatable Stonehenge Lets You Perform Your Druid Ceremonies Anywhere

Tired of trekking all the way to the Wiltshire countryside just to perform your druid rituals at the actual Stonehenge site? Do you wish there was a more convenient way? Well your prayers—or chants, or whatever—have been answered with this inflatable alternative. Read More >>

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Watch This Snowboarder Survive an Avalanche By Floating On an Airbag

Meesh Hytner was doing typical pro-snowboarder things, participating in an informal backcountry competition in Colorado, when suddenly she found herself in a class-3 avalanche. Lucky for her, she was wearing an emergency airbag system, and lucky for you, there's video. Read More >>

There Is No Risk Of Popping This Inflatable Steel Furniture

You don't expect the inflatable sofa you bought for your dorm room to last long. But Oskar Zieta's inflatable furniture will. It's actually made of steel you inflate yourself, making it impervious to drawing pins and other abuse. Read More >>