How the Universe Ends

Somewhere between a second and a millennium from now, you will die. Your body and all of its parts will cease functioning and rejoin the Earth as regular, lifeless stuff. The Earth, too, will die, engulfed by an expanding, ageing Sun. The Sun will burn off all of its fuel and end up a white dwarf, then burn out and die. The Milky Way will collide with nearby Andromeda, and form a large, elliptical galaxy, which will die by losing all of its stars to intergalactic space. The corpses of those remaining stars will die, decaying into their constituent parts. The universe will age onward, until all matter is either stored in black holes or floating as free elementary particles. Those black holes will evaporate, and then universe will die. All that was will be an icy cold nothing, forever. Read More >>

Classic “Shopping Basket” Will Soon Include the Junk We Buy Online

The way the suits count how the prices of things are going up is about to change, with our online boredom shopping soon to form part of the standard UK shopping basket that makes up retail inflation figures. Read More >>

stephen hawking
What You Need to Know About Stephen Hawking’s Final Physics Paper

Less than two weeks before his death on March 14, beloved cosmologist Stephen Hawking put the final touches on a research paper about the origin and nature of the Universe. Some media outlets have been pouring praise onto the paper, saying it could be the most important thing he ever did. On closer inspection, however, the new study isn’t likely to shatter our conceptions of the cosmos—at least not yet. Read More >>

Toilet Rolls Deliver Eight Per Cent Fewer Wipes Than 2012

The Office for National Statistics has been collating the sizes and portions of the products sold to the nation, and has declared "shrinkflation" a very real phenomenon that's seen 2,529 things sold in the UK shrink in size when compared with the more generous package contents of the glorious, benchmark year of 2012, when everyone wanted to be in the UK and the Tolberones hadn't been eroded away by time. Read More >>

UK Inflation Jumped To 2.3% In February

The Office for National Statistics has just announced that UK inflation jumped from 1.9% in January to 2.3% in Feb, meaning in real terms, your money is now worth less. The new rate is the highest it's been since 2013. Read More >>

NASA Finally Inflates Its New Space House After Botched Attempt

After NASA’s lackluster attempt on Thursday to inflate BEAM, an expandable activity module, it had considerably more success yesterday. Read More >>

The Quest to Hear Echoes From the Big Bang Enters Its Next Phase

Back in 2014, physicists on a collaboration known as BICEP2 thought they had detected gravitational waves. Those claims quickly evaporated when it became clear that they had really seen patterns from cosmic dust. But they haven’t given up the hunt. An upgraded version of the experiment, BICEP3, began taking new data at the South Pole this week, in hopes of succeeding where its earlier incarnation failed. Read More >>

We Probably Haven’t Found Evidence for the Multiverse

Perhaps you saw the news this week about new evidence that we do, indeed, live in a multiverse. A scientist claims he’s found signs in the cosmic microwave background radiation — the afterglow, so to speak, from the Big Bang — that our universe collided with another universe early in our cosmic history. Read More >>

Cost of a Pint Explodes by 1,948 Per Cent Over 40 years

The price we pay for a pint has risen faster than house prices in the UK, with the cost of an average 0.568 of a litre of beer rising by 1,948 per cent since 1973. If you'd bought a pint back then and kept it in the fridge, you'd be a millionaire by now. Read More >>

Vodafone: Ofcom’s Mid-Contract Cancellation Plan Could Raise Costs for Everyone

Ofcom's welcome decision to look at mid-contract mobile cancellations hasn't gone down very well with Vodafone, which claims "millions of people" might end up paying more for their phones to the detriment of the UK mobile market. Read More >>

Ofcom to Let Mobile Users Bail Mid-Contract if Prices Rise

Mobile regulator Ofcom is looking into the difficult issue of mid-contract mobile price rises, putting forward the idea that customers might soon be able to walk away from a long term deal if the price goes up. Read More >>

O2 Upping Monthly Contract Bills by 3 Per Cent and You Can’t Complain or Quit

Network O2 has decided it's time to start whacking up its monthly contract costs, with the UK mobile provider adding 3.2 per cent to all monthly tariffs from next February. Regardless of what you signed up for. Read More >>