star wars
Star Wars Explained In One Handy Chart

If you've ever wanted a visual representation of the timeline of battles in the current Star Wars canon, you're in luck. Read More >>

A Brief History Of The Autonomous Car

We've come a long way in the last 80 years (yep, that's how long actual development of autonomous cars has been kicking around for), and sooner rather than later driverless vehicles will become a normal sight on our roads. Road rules are even changing in anticipation. Read More >>

Climate Change is Real and This Chart Proves It

Climate change is real, it’s happening right now, and it’s pushing us into an increasingly grim-looking future. Still don’t believe it? Take a look at the graph. Read More >>

Beautiful Visualisation Charts History’s Best Chess Players

Since the early 19th century, many chess grandmasters have come and gone, some better than others. This elegant data visualisation by Abacaba shows which players were the very best, and how long they were able to maintain their dominance. Read More >>

star wars
All The Awesome Spaceships And Vehicles Of Star Wars in One Cool Graphic

Artist Scott Park managed to do the incredible: he drew nearly all the identifiable spaceships and vehicles and animals used in the original Star Wars trilogy and laid them out in one awesome poster you can buy. There’s basically everything you love and know here: the Millennium Falcon, both Death Stars, TIE Fighters, AT-AT, and more. Read More >>

This Visualisation Shows the Astonishing Diversity of Alien Worlds

Slovak graphic designer Martin Vargic has pieced together a meticulous visualisation showing over 500 exoplanets discovered by astronomers as of October 2015. Like snowflakes, it shows that no two planets are the same. Read More >>

This Cool Chart Shows the Tallest Planned Buildings in History

The tallest building in the world? The Burj Khalifa. Duh. But if plans had worked out differently for other buildings, the Burj Khalifa wouldn’t even crack the top 10 tallest buildings in the world. Here’s a cool chart showing all the tallest planned buildings in the world. Some of them are still ongoing, while others have long been cancelled. I wish they all existed in real life. Read More >>

The Evolution of the Batmobile

What’s your favourite Batmobile? They all have their own charm, don’t they? The Tumbler was brute force bicep flexing whilst kissing bad ass. The 60’s Batmobile was fanciful and fun and totally goofy but cool in all the right ways. But my favorite is probably the Batmobile from the Tim Burton movies. It’s slick and mysterious and what I think of when I think of the Batmobile. Read More >>

All the Awesome Cars From Mad Max: Fury Road in One Cool Graphic

One of our favourite artists, Scott Park, illustrated 33 of the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road and they look great. You’ll see Furiosa’s War Rig and the Interceptor and the Gigahorse and more drawn in a really fun style. Read More >>

What Happens to Your Body One Hour after Eating a Big Mac?

When you first bite into a Big Mac, it is absolutely glorious. The two burgers sandwiching the chewy bread in the middle with the lovely thousand island sauce mixing in with the pickles and lettuce, the taste is iconic. Add in chips and a sip of Coke in between bites and you have reached Fast Food nirvana. But after you eat a Big Mac? Your body doesn’t always feel so hot. Read More >>

This Chart Breaks Down How Star Wars Influenced Other Movies and TV Shows

Imagine life without Star Wars. It kind of sucks, right? But that’s just because we think about not knowing Darth Vader and R2-D2 and Han Solo and light sabers and Death Stars. But imagine not just not having Star Wars in our pop culture but also not having all the things thatStar Wars influenced. All the things we love that were made possible by Star Wars would change. Read More >>

What’s the Fastest Ship in Sci-Fi History?

It took a little bit for us to reach Pluto but what if we had the power of our imaginations in our real life spaceships? Fat Wallet came up with this neat infographic showing which ships from popular sci-fi movies, TV shows and video games (plus real life NASA ships) to show which ship moves fastest. It’s pretty cool! Read More >>

Which Game of Thrones Episode Corresponds to Which Book Chapter?

This is God’s work. Or at the very least, the work of a Grand Maester. Joeltronics made this very useful graph that shows which episode of Game of Thrones the TV show corresponds to which chapter and which book in the A Song of Ice and Fire books (aka the Game of Thrones books). That way you know what’s been shown when and what’s been omitted in the story. Read More >>