Following Boris’s Channel Bridge Proposal, Here’s 9 More Bridges and Tunnels That Could Unite Countries and Continents

Boris Johnson is not a details-oriented politician. He's a man with a vision - and no matter how stupid that vision is, he has form for making it a reality: You only have to look at London's stupid cable car, or the super expensive new buses that actually reduce capacity compared to the bendy buses that came before, to see that. (And if you think the cable car is good, then I have a garden bridge to sell you.) Read More >>

The Cursed History of NYC MetroCards

If you’ve ridden the New York City subway, you know the feeling. You buy a flimsy plastic card that lets you ride the train, and when you try to swipe it at the turnstile, it doesn’t work. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again. You swipe again. The machine asks you to swipe again at the same turnstile. This can go on for hours, until you beg an MTA employee to let you through. That’s the cursed MetroCard experience, and as of last week, its days are numbered. Read More >>

Why You Should Always Walk on Escalators

On Tuesday, The New York Times decided to reignite the age old debate of walking versus standing on escalators. And do you know what the paper concluded? “You shouldn’t walk on escalators.” This is a patently incorrect and essentially silly conclusion for at least four reasons. Read More >>

donald trump
Trump Found a Way to Make Manhattan Even Worse

Midtown Manhattan — with its noise, traffic, slow-moving tourists, and overpriced everything — is the one place most New Yorkers avoid at all costs (if they can help it). It’s also home to Trump Tower, a gargantuan gold-plated phallus jabbed straight into the city skyline where the President-elect is planning on spending weekends during his term in office. Read More >>

Here’s Footage of NYC’s First New Subway Line in Nearly 100 Years

The above image just looks like a subway train, doing exactly the thing trains do. But this is no ordinary train—it’s the first glimpse at an infrastructure project first proposed almost a century ago. Read More >>

We Need to Make Sure the Super Sewer Won’t Destroy London, and Soon

The National Audit Office (NAO) has revealed that it still needs to work out whether or not the £4 billion super sewer that’s set to be built beneath London won’t actually, you know, flood the Underground transport network with shit and screw with the foundations of Elizabeth Tower. Read More >>

New Analysis Confirms Why the Skagit River Bridge Collapsed

In May 2013, a bridge spanning the Skagit River along Interstate 5 in Washington state catastrophically collapsed, after an oversized trailer clipped one of the bridge’s cross beams. A new analysis by engineers at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign confirms the many factors that contributed to the collapse, and offers recommendations for how to prevent similar failures in the future. Read More >>

Why Do Trains in America Suck So Badly? 

Trains in america are awful. They’re slow, expensive, and not very reliable. And there are a few, largely unsolvable reasons why that’s the case. Read More >>

Florida’s Slime Coast Is a State-Sponsored Disaster

The smell hit me as soon as I opened my car door—like rancid milk mixed with dog shit. I gasped for breath as humid air descended, filling my pores with the putrid odour. Read More >>

Watch an Apocalyptic Timelapse of an Underground Station Flooding

Earlier this week a subway station in Washington DC turned into a surprise water park ride. It wasn’t a huge deal — the station was closed for a few hours, the water drained, and service went back to normal — but it certainly looked like it. Seeing a timelapse of the whole thing from the station’s entrance shows how this happened. Read More >>

Man Hits Glass Bridge With Sledgehammer and You Will Absolutely Believe What Happens Next

China, conceiver of large, ambitious, and often terrifying new infrastructure projects, has decided to build another opportunity for its citizens to stare into the abyss of mortality very tall glass bridge, despite the fact that the last one wasn’t as strong as some people hoped. Read More >>

Cities are Screwing Themselves Over by Not Using Rainwater in Toilets

Cities could exclusively use rainwater to flush their toilets. But by demanding drinkable water to be pumped to their houses, just so they can crap in it and throw it back out, they are burdening their infrastructure in two different ways. Read More >>

California’s Bullet Train Gets Delayed, Leaves Door Wide Open for Hyperloop

California’s high-speed train has just been delayed by three more years. The first leg of the state’s high-speed rail is now set to finish by 2025, not 2022 as planned. This could mean that Hyperloop—the Golden State’s other, even more futuristic transit plan—could beat the bullet train to the station. Read More >>

Our Infrastructure is Literally Causing the Ground to Sink

Rivers have long been a centre of human activity, but as the global population booms, our impact on these systems is becoming too much to bear. In fact, two-thirds of the 33 largest river deltas on Earth are sinking — some of them at a staggering rate. Read More >>

Should We Be Recycling Concrete?

Recently we’ve been looking into sustainable building materials, like skyscrapers could be made of wood. We’ve also been examining the slowly crumbling infrastructure, largely made of concrete. Perhaps it’s time to combine the two ideas — and look at recycling concrete. Read More >>