Glass-Nibbed Eco-Pen Writes With Wine, Tea, Coffee, Blood etc

A designer looking into the sustainability of modern printer inks has decided that what we really need is a pen that can write on things in wine or tea or the tears of your enemy -- and created a pen that can be loaded with any staining liquid to use as your own, personal ink. Read More >>

Graphene Ink Paves the Way for Proper Wearable Tech via Printed Circuits

Modern miracle stuff graphene has been used by developers to print circuits on clothing, creating a genuinely wearable form of tech that doesn't rely on bulky watches, AR glasses or sewing computers into your flesh. Read More >>

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Be Absolutely Mesmerised By the Stunning Beauty of Swirling Colour in Glorious 4K

It's almost gin o'clock here on a dull Friday afternoon, so you deserve to witness something magical. Sit back, hit play, and watch as the beauty of pure-colour inks flow and swirl past in eye-bleeding 4K detail. Ahhh, that's better. [YouTube] Read More >>