The Makers of the Frisbee Reinvented the Frisbee Because Nothing Is Holy

61 years ago, the executives of Wham-O Inc. acquired the rights to a flying disk they called the Frisbee®. Now, the same company claims it’s reinvented the damn thing with a wobbly-looking toy called the Frisbee Sonic. It being 2018 and all, the new invention is being funded on Kickstarter. Oh, and I hate it. Read More >>

These 21 Teams Will Battle For £5.8 Million in a Race to Explore the Ocean Floor

We know very little about our planet’s seafloor, but that’s poised to change as autonomous underwater scouting technology gets better and better. To that end, nearly two dozen teams are racing to develop robots that can investigate, map, and conduct science at extreme depths, and under serious time constraints. They’re also competing for $7 million (£5.8 million) in prize money. Read More >>

Volkswagen Put an Invisible Layer of Silver in Its New Windshields to Melt Away Snow

It’s impossible not to look at a new feature from Volkswagen with a skeptical eye after Dieselgate, but we’re hoping the company’s new climate windshield, that can melt snow and ice without the need for distracting wires, delivers as promised — because the winter sucks if you own a car. Read More >>

Apple Unveils Bag

Silicon Valley is the capital of disruption. It’s the epicentre of the innovation earthquake. It’s the leader of the new way forward. And Apple, as the industry’s Think Different darling, is at the forefront of the revolution. So much so, in fact, that it decided a patent a sweet bag. Read More >>

virtual reality
Microsoft Wants Your Hands to Join You in VR Worlds

Your job has the potential to be a lot cooler once everyone has a pair of VR goggles strapped to their face — unless Microsoft has something to say about it. The company is working towards bringing hand motions and gestures into virtual worlds, with the goal of having you press buttons and pull levers just like your boring nine-to-five has you doing right now. Read More >>

This £658 Wetsuit Promises to Make You the Fastest Swimmer

When you’re designing a shirt, it makes sense to cut the fabrics so that the wearer is most comfortable with their arms down at their sides in a resting position. But for a swimmer, whose arms are constantly in motion, Roka Sports believes it’s advantageous to instead design a wetsuit with an athlete’s arms raised and reaching for the next stroke. Read More >>

A Simple Software Update Lets Any Smartphone Detect Squeezes and Forceful Touches

Apple made a big deal about the advanced technology it developed to facilitate the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6s. But engineers at the University of Michigan have not only recreated the feature such that it can work on any smartphone, they’ve also improved it by enabling phones to detect when they’re being squeezed, too. Read More >>

New XPrize Encourages Robotic Ocean Exploration

We know surprisingly little about our oceans. To help with this glaring blind spot, the XPrize has announced a new $7/£4.6 million contest to foster innovations in ocean exploration technology. Read More >>

British Breakthroughs: The Most Innovative People Our Fair Isles Have Ever Seen

The British Empire may not be what it was, with Brand Britannia shrinking in size and content like a supermarket multipack chocolate bar over recent decades, but there’s no denying what we once had. We invented some cool things and produced some of the planet’s greatest innovators. We'll always be a footnote in history. Read More >>

11 Smart Home Innovations to Turn Your House into the Jetsons’ Pad

Houses are lagging behind in the smart-thing race. Sure, there's Nest if you need remote thermostat control of your home to make sure the people in it aren't warm or comfortable unless you're there, but what else is smart about today’s dumb brick and slate cubes? Read More >>

3d printing
3D Printed Lego-Like Blocks Can Be Assembled by Robots into Spaceships

Not too long ago a couple of MIT scientists asked themselves a lofty question: "Can you 3D print an aeroplane?" It didn't take long for them to realize that 3D printing anything on that scale was impractical. But 3D printing thousands of small, Lego like building blocks? That could work. Read More >>

We Need More Ideas as Crazy as Hyperloop

You know why I didn't like Elon Musk a few years ago? Because of PayPal. Because he seemed like a dilettante. Yet another Valley guy who was ignoring all the hard work and ingenuity that had gone into systems like infrastructure and space travel for the last fifty years; another nerd who thought every system was as mutable as a computer. I was wrong. Read More >>