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These Star Wars Bugs Will Blow Your Mind and Maybe Gross You Out

Star Wars” and “bugs” are generally not two things you’d see in the same sentence unless that sentence is “Those Star Wars fans are really bugging me.” That’s about to change, though, with a seemingly random but equally wonderful art exhibit. Read More >>

US Man Reportedly in a Coma After Contracting Brain Infection From a Mosquito

A rare, sometimes fatal viral infection spread by mosquitoes has resurfaced in the US state of Massachusetts—and has likely sent at least one man into a coma. Over the weekend, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported that a local resident contracted the Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus. Dozens of communities remain at critical or high risk for the virus, and residents are being advised to stay indoors at night. Read More >>

Naturalists Promise Mass Butterfly Invasion for the Summer

Scientists have come up with a sneaky way of getting people to go outside this summer, and are asking for help from the public to help count butterflies again – only this time it's for a more ominous reason. The butterflies are prepping an invasion. Read More >>

Swatting a Fly Without Killing It May Cause It Pain for the Rest of Its Life, Study Finds

Barely missing a fatal slap at a bothersome fly might be a headache for both of you, according to new research from scientists at the University of Sydney. They say they’ve found evidence that insects are capable of feeling chronic pain after an injury, much like we do. What’s more, studying why and how insects experience these sensations could help us better understand and treat chronic pain in humans. Read More >>

Roaches Are Getting Harder and Harder to Kill

The cockroaches that plague our homes are even more indestructible than we thought, according to a recent study by researchers at the University of Purdue in the US state of Indiana. The bug scientists used a variety of strategies and different insecticides to root out real-life infestations of the German cockroach (Blattella germanica), but found that the roaches were able to survive nearly all of their efforts. Read More >>

Even the Flies Inside Hospitals Carry Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

Upwards of 90 per cent of insects found in British hospitals carry potentially harmful bacteria, according to new research. Alarmingly, a significant portion of this bacteria is resistant to one or more antibiotics, highlighting a previously under-appreciated health risk—though the researchers caution that chances of infection are low. Read More >>

Spider Eating a Pygmy Possum Is Obviously Australian

That’s a photo of a huntsman spider eating a pygmy possum. Yikes! Read More >>

Blood Feasts and Roach Vacuums: The Life of an Urban Pest Scientist

It’s not often you get to witness one of the most brutal acts of the natural world up close: bed bug sex. Read More >>

Who Knew Signs of the Apocalypse Would Be So Adorable

Imagine for a moment that you’re having a boring Tuesday evening at work watching the radar in the state of California for the US National Weather Service. Read More >>

Bed Bugs Have Been Creeping Around and Sucking Blood Since the Age of Dinosaurs

While bed bugs have been tormenting humanity for millennia, it’s long been assumed their evolutionary journey as parasites first began tens of millions of years ago, when they fed on bats. But an international team of scientists has found evidence suggesting the origin of these vampiric insects extends even further into the past—back to the heyday of dinosaurs. Read More >>

Scientists Call for Positive Rebranding of Wasps

A bunch of volunteers risked various forms of anaphylaxis out in the country's woods and fields last year, purposefully looking for and gathering data on wasps as part of the Big Wasp Survey. They put down more than 2,500 wasp traps to see what angry delights they could capture. Read More >>

The World’s Biggest Bee Just Buzzed Into My Heart

I don’t remember when or where I was first stung by a bee. What I remember is the pain. Read More >>

World’s Biggest Bee, Once Thought Extinct, Has Been Found Alive

A black, thumb-sized missile sails through the jungle air, a thunderous buzzing announcing its arrival. The massive insect lands heavily on a tree-bound termite nest, taking a moment to fold its brassy wings and stretch its humongous, curved jaws. This is Wallace’s giant bee, the beefiest and bumbliest bee on Earth. After going missing for nearly four decades, the species has just been rediscovered in its native Indonesia. Read More >>

Insect Dog Food Launches in the UK This Week

Around 40 per cent of the protein contained in Yora dog food comes from insect sources, making it the ideal choice for any highly evolved dogs able to make their own environmentally sound eating choices by woofing at Alexa. Read More >>

Hundreds of Weevils Found Encased in Ancient Japanese Pot

Thousands of years ago, Japanese artisans had a habit of mixing maize weevils into their clay when making pottery. The recent discovery of a single pot packed with an estimated 500 weevils is adding to our knowledge of this practice, and the extent to which these destructive pests plagued ancient Japan. Read More >>