Explore The Space Between Script and Screen With This Comparison From Inside Out

Much the way emotions live inside every person, a script lives inside every movie, helping shape it, direct it, give it life. Scripts form a superstructure around which films are built. But the execution of a scene can diverge wildly from what’s in the script, for better and for worse. Read More >>

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Someone Went And Edited Out All the Inside Parts of Inside Out

This is a cool experiment: Jordan Hanzon has gone and taken Pixar’s Inside Out and edited out all of the scenes from Riley and her parent’s heads: the result is a poignant story of a girl adjusting to a new place. Read More >>

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Inside Out Trailer: The First Teensy-Weensy Teaser of Pixar’s Summer 2015 Movie

Inside Out is the next Pixar project, coming out in June 2015. The animation powerhouse just released the first teaser video of the new movie. Here's your extremely short glimpse at what looks like a very whimsical film. [Stitch Kingdom] Read More >>

Why the Panthéon is Covered in Black-and-White Faces

For the past two years, the Panthéon in Paris has been undergoing a renovation, its signature dome wrapped in a cute little plastic hat. This week, the 1790 structure revealed an art installation to tide tourists and residents over until the work is complete: thousands of black-and-white faces covering its marble surfaces. Read More >>