Good News From Mars: The InSight Lander Is on Track to Start Collecting Data Next Month

The U.S. government may be in partial shutdown mode, but operations to configure instruments critical to NASA’s InSight mission on Mars are right on schedule – and things are going swimmingly, as the latest mission update attests. Read More >>

NASA’s New Lander Will Finally Go to Mars in 2018

When NASA cancelled its Mars Insight mission late last year, just three months before its scheduled launch, it wasn’t clear if the lander would ever make it to the surface of the Red Planet. Today, that lander got a second chance and a new launch date in 2018. Read More >>

Here’s the New Drilling-Lander That NASA Is Sending Up to Mars

Late last year, the lander NASA was going to send up to Mars was grounded just three months before its planned launch date. Now, it looks like NASA’s Insight Lander will make it up there all. Read More >>