South African Student Invents Water-less Bathing

When finding a steady source of potable water is challenge enough in the developing world who has the time — or water — to take a shower? One South African student may have the answer with a unique, water-less shower gel — that he invented on his dumb phone. Read More >>

Being Deaf: How Different the World Is Without Hearing

Technology makes life so easy, and advances at such a breakneck clip, that sometimes we forget that all the tech in the world still can't change the way some people experience the world. David Peter explains how the world works for the deaf. Read More >>

How a Man with No Arms or Legs Will Swim All Around the World

Philippe Croizon lost his arms and legs in a terrible accident 18 years ago. Since then, he has trained to become a world class athlete. This summer, the Frenchman is going to swim between every continent in the world. Read More >>

One Kidney Has Been Inside Three People In Just Two Weeks

When Ray Fearing received a kidney from his sister, Cera, after a long battle with a disease which forms scar tissue on the kidney, he was extremely relieved. Sadly, his condition worsened and the doctors had no choice but to remove the kidney—but it went on to find itself inside a third patient. Read More >>

Awesome Photography Projects For the Weekend

Are you bored to tears with taking the same old photos? We all get to that point some times, but there's absolutely no reason to -- there are loads of fun projects you could throw yourself at to open the creative gates and let the juices flow! Proverbially speaking, of course. Read More >>