Researchers Have Developed a Cheap Coronavirus Self-Test and They’re Looking for Someone to Make It

Scientists are calling for manufacturers to step forward to help roll out a molecular test and smartphone app that can test a person for coronavirus and tell them if they're infected in just 30 minutes. Read More >>

Coronavirus Edition of Where’s Wally Will Have You Feeling Like a Genius

If you've heard of Where's Wally (or Waldo, depending on which country you're in) then you've probably spent a frustrating few minutes (at least) trying to find the little git as he takes cover in crowds. But the jig is up! Read More >>

Our First Proper Look at Lego Super Mario Shows Off a Level Made With Physical Bricks

A couple of days ago Lego teased us with the prospect of a Lego Mario theme, but featuring a Mario that is about as far from a traditional minifigure as you can possibly be without being a Bionicle. Now Lego has shown us a video with a better look at what to expect, and we're actually a little confused. Read More >>

The Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Will Blow You Away

The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is an expensive gadget, with a price tag of £300, which seems even more obscene given that you can pick up a perfectly serviceable one for a tenner. So is it worth it? That depends. Read More >>

Costa Coffee Rolls out Tasty-Looking Rolo Muffins for Its Limited Edition March Menu

Costa is really getting into the spirit of spring with a bunch of new additions to its menu that'll have you deviating from your regular bean-filled haunt just to check it out. Read More >>

These Heinz Tomato Ketchup Truffles Were a Lot Tastier Than We Thought They’d Be

Heinz has teamed up with Fortnum & Mason once again for a special surprise this Valentine's Day - Tomato Ketchup truffles! Sounds disgusting. So of course, we had to try them. Read More >>

Here’s Everything We Now Know About the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Up until now most foldables have been more like phablets, smartphone designs that fold out into a tablet-like form factor that does all the things a phone and a tablet can do. Now we're starting to see devices that are more like the fliphones of old. The Moto Razr was the first to be announced, but now we get our first (official) look at Samsung's offering - The Galaxy Z Flip. Read More >>

Samsung Goes From Plus to Ultra With the Three-Device Galaxy S20 Series

How do you make your phones stand out from the crowd in 2020? In the past it involved creating a larger or 'plus' version of the phone, but it's clear that just won't cut it anymore. Apple has the iPhone Max tier, and now Samsung has revealed it's adding an Ultra tier to its own line of Galaxy S smartphones. So today the company has just announced the regular Galaxy S20, the larger Galaxy S20 Plus, and the even bigger Galaxy S20 Ultra - the Ultra moniker meaning it offering more than its smaller siblings. Read More >>

valentines day
KFC Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Moonpig Valentine’s Day Cards Are a Thing You Shouldn’t Be Sending to Anyone

What could be more romantic than a shabby-looking, fast-food themed card that stinks of fried chicken? Literally anything else. Read More >>

Pizza Hut and KFC’s Popcorn Chicken Pizza is an Interesting Concept With an Iffy Execution

Earlier this week we heard that KFC and Pizza Hut were teaming up to create a joint pizza, featuring Pizza Hut's pizzeria skills combined with KFC's Popcorn Chicken and gravy. The bizarre combination then sold out on the first day of release, proving that people really love weird foodstuffs - even if just to try and tell their friends about. The frankenpizza is back in stock now, and we got our hands on one to see just how good it actually is. The result? Interesting, but the execution is still a bit iffy. Read More >>

Birds of Prey is a Colourful, Explosive Comic Book Extravaganza

Birds of Prey is not a Suicide Squad sequel. It is not DC and Warner Bros.’ follow up to Joker. It’s really not even particularly a comic book superhero movie, outside of the fact that it stars comic characters. Hell, depending on your point of view, whether or not it’s a Birds of Prey movie might be an argument. But here’s the thing: What Birds of Prey is, is loud, bright, and fun as all hell. Read More >>

We Got an Eight-Year-Old to Review These PuroQuiet Headphones Made Especially for Kids

We get a lot of press releases for gimmicky gadgets and tech here at Giz UK, but some of the products that pass through our inboxes pique our interest, and one such item for me was a pair of volume-controlled kids' headphones from Puro Sound Labs, designed to protect their little ears from getting damaged in a world where they're plugged into a tablet or console during their downtime. Read More >>

Maltesers Buttons Ruined by Adding Mint. And by Being Buttons

For the first time ever, Maltesers are getting tainted with a flavour other than their malty chocolatey goodness. Read More >>

Vegan Week: Greggs’ New Vegan-Friendly Doughnut Tastes Like… A Doughnut

Earlier this week we discovered that Greggs had replaced its glazed ring doughnut for a different kind of sweet treat - a glazed ring doughnut that is vegan friendly. The original non-vegan version has since been replaced, in what no doubt haunts Piers Morgan's dreams at night - or so I assume he'll be claiming when he hears the news. Seeing as it's vegan week here at Gizmodo UK, I went out to try one to see what it was like. Four Greggs branches later I managed to get one, only to discover that it tastes like a doughnut. Read More >>

Vegan Week: Burger King’s Rebel Whopper Fails to Incite a Riot of the Tastebuds

We're in the home stretch of vegan week and this is the last of junk food from the high street that I'll be devouring for some time, and while it would've been nice to go out on a high, I did not. The week started off well enough with the Greggs' Vegan Steak Bake and KFC's Original Recipe Vegan Burger, but things started unravelling pretty sharpish with the McDonald's Veggie Dippers and Subway's Meatless Meatball Marinara Melt. We were back in 'meh' territory with Tom's review of Pizza Hut's 'Pepperphoni' Pizza and now here we are with the Burger King Rebel Whopper, which isn't much better. Read More >>