Huawei’s Mate 30 Series Leaks in Its Entirety Days Before the Official Launch Event

The Huawei Mate 30 launch is set for September 19, but the entire line up has leaked ahead of the event in Munich. Read More >>

MIT Created Colour-Changing Ink That Can Be Reprogrammed With Light to Show Different Images

Taking inspiration from creatures like chameleons who are masters of colour-changing camouflage, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed a new spray-on ink that can infinitely change colours, designs, and patterns when blasted with different wavelengths of light. Read More >>

This Year’s Lego Christmas Set is a Gingerbread House

Every year Lego releases one big set in the Creator Expert line, designed to tie into the Christmas season. It's typical wintery village stuff, like train stations, town squares, and all that. This year's set is no different, because Lego has gone and made us a big ol' gingerbread house for everyone to build and enjoy. Read More >>

apple bingo
Apple Bingo is Back to Make the iPhone 11 Launch Event More Interesting for Everyone

Tonight is another Apple event, which is bound to take all bloody night because Apple has made it clear it doesn't understand that there are people who have better things to do with their time than watch Tim Cook blabber on about how great the new phones are. For Apple fans tonight is a big night, but for everyone else it's a necessary evil, so we're here to make it more interesting. Read More >>

Papa John’s Transforms Into Papa Johan’s to Welcome Its Swedish-Inspired Cinnamon Scrolls to the Menu

Papa John's is getting into the bakery business this weekend with its Nordic-inspired pop-up that will see free cinnamon buns for the denizens of Notting Hill. Read More >>

Amazon Pop-Up is Serving up a Fusion of the World’s Worst Cuisines Next Week for the US Open

To celebrate its exclusive coverage of the US Open that kicks off next week, Amazon is serving up a deranged and unholy mash-up or British and American classic food and drinks, and I think I love it. Read More >>

Aldi Braces for Spider Season With a ‘Humane’ Spider Catching Doohicky

This time of year is every arachnophobic's worst nightmare, because we're getting close to the start of spider mating season. For those of you who don't know, spider season is when all the male spiders end up getting absurdly horny and start roaming around your house looking for lady spiders to bang. So instead of hiding away out of sight, they're just wandering around on the floor and scaring the shit out of anyone who comes across them. Thankfully Aldi's upcoming special buy has a tool for dealing with that. Read More >>

Pumpkin Spice Spam Is Real Proving We’re in the Darkest Timeline

The pumpkin spice craze has just gotten a little too real with the announcement of a limited edition (thank god) pumpkin spice spam. Read More >>

Xiaomi’s Foldable Smartphone Gets New Renders to Give Us a Glimpse of What It Might Look Like

Xiaomi's foldable smartphone gets new renders based on a new patent application and it looks pretty swish. Read More >>

Finally, A Proper AirPods Competitor

The first time I picked up the Jaybird Vista truly wireless earbuds, a thought started looping through my head: These things are impossibly tiny and light. Even the case is pocket-sized. The sheer portability reminded me of AirPods, but there’s an essential distinction. The new Jaybird earbuds are practically bombproof. You can get them wet or bury them in dirt, and they’ll keep working. Functionally, the Vistas are probably the best fitness-focused earbuds I’ve tested. And did I mention—they’re so light! Read More >>

Paddington Bear Gets His Own Range of 50p Coins Thanks to the Royal Mint

The 50p coin has served as the canvas for a number of children's classics to be emblazoned across as part of the Royal Mint's commemorative coin rollouts, and everyone's favourite bear is up next. Read More >>

Lego’s Getting Back into Trains With the Ludicrously Expensive Disneyland Train & Station

When it comes to trains, Lego doesn't offer a whole lot of choice. The cheapest non-Duplo ones are £65 and £79 a piece, and they're the newly-released Hidden Side haunted train and the Hogwarts Express. The cheapest proper, motorised train is £120, so it's fair to say that you're going to have to pay a lot for the privilege of having a train set made of Lego. The newly-revealed Disney Train and Station is absolutely no exception. Read More >>

Lego Ideas Tree House Review: Tedious Build, Tremendous Model

The latest set to come from Lego Ideas, the innovative scheme that produces models as designed by the Lego community, is the Tree House. At £180, it's the most expensive set in the range to date, but with over 3,000 pieces it's also the biggest. The Lego Ideas range has been host to some of my favourite ever Lego sets – the Old Fishing Store, Voltron and the Pop-Up Book just to name a few have all been fantastic, mainly thanks to their uniqueness. The Lego Tree House, which became available to the public on 1st August, might not be the most innovative or creative theme – we've all seen or heard of a treehouse, of course – but the Lego rendition of what is a fairly ordinary idea is simply fantastic. Read More >>

Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+

Samsung's Unpacked event is finally here and so are the official specs and details on its new Note 10 range of handsets. Try your best to act surprised as we dig into everything we (already) know. Read More >>

theme parks
Universal Studios Orlando Just Announced an ‘Epic’ 4th Theme Park Without Saying What’s in It

With Disney out here making Star Wars theme park attractions, the competition has to step it up. Universal Studios is doing that by building a fourth theme park in Orlando, Florida called Universal’s Epic Universe. But what exactly makes it “Epic,” we do not yet know. Read More >>