Chechen Leader Who Oversees the Torture of Gay Men Is Super Sad About Losing His Instagram Account

The leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, was recently hit with US sanctions over human rights abuses such as his government’s torture and “purge” of gay men. But there’s one thing about the sanctions that seems to particularly bother Kadyrov: Losing his Instagram account. Read More >>

The Controversy Around This YouTuber’s Request For a Free Hotel Room Will Make Your Head Hurt

YouTubers, Instagram devotees and other vaguely influential social media “influencers” don’t have the greatest reputation as of late. That’s with fairly good reason, because whenever one of their controversies explodes into the real world it’s usually some kind of horrifying thing like Logan Paul’s Aokigahara forest video, brand endorsements that flirt with the FTC’s patience, or worse, anything involving PewDiePie. Read More >>

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Dublin Hotel Outs Instagrammer’s Holiday Blag Attempt

A popular person on the internet with more followers than we've had sad lonely evenings is currently reeling from being said no to, after an attempt to blag a free Valentine's hotel stay in return for a few photos on Instagram backfired. Read More >>

You Might Want to Turn Off Instagram’s New, Humiliating ‘Activity Status’

It’s a sickness. Whether it’s repeatedly checking for new likes on a pic or mindlessly scrolling through your feed, Instagram can be a tremendously addictive app. And just in time to help feed your habit, Instagram has instituted a new “activity status” feature that shows you the last time someone was actively using the service. Read More >>

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The #KyloRenChallenge Is The Natural Evolution of The Last Jedi’s Best Meme

Thanks to Rian Johnson, Adam Driver, and, strangely enough, John Mayer, the whole internet is getting in on the glory of high-waisted trousers. Read More >>

Iran Moves to Block Social Media Apps, Mobile Networks as Protests Spread

The government of Iran has shut down mobile internet access and blocked apps including Telegram and Instagram after days of protests that exploded into widespread civil unrest. According to the Washington Post, at least two people are reported dead during the demonstrations, “the largest in Iran since an uprising over disputed election results shook the country eight years ago.” Read More >>

What Makes Instagram’s ‘Recommended’ Posts So Awful?

Social feeds are getting cluttered with posts no one asked for, and unfortunately, Instagram is following suit. No one I’ve spoken to about Instagram’s recently announced feature of “recommended” posts from complete strangers appearing in feeds is excited about the change. Admittedly, that group of people is a relatively small sample size, composed largely of other tech journalists. I don’t love it. But I can’t quite put my finger on why. Read More >>

Putin-Backed Autocrat Says Chechen Instagram Clone Is ‘Just as Good’ as the Real Thing

Terrifying Russian-appointed Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov—known internationally for his country’s alleged concentration camps for gay men—had his Facebook and Instagram accounts taken down this weekend, and his buddies in the Kremlin are asking some questions. Read More >>

Wreck Your Instagram Experience by Following Hashtags

Call them content creators, influencers, or maybe just fellow narcissists with a camera, but whether you like it or not, the people you follow on social media are how you get introduced to things like news, memes, or trends. But in an update scheduled to start rolling out later today, Instagram is trying to change that by letting people follow hashtags for the first time. Read More >>

Why Do I Need Two Instagram Apps?

It’s painfully obvious that Instagram wants to watch Snapchat flame out into a pillar of dust. It has copied a number of its features, fine-tuning them and deploying them even better than Snapchat. And it looks like Instagram is back on its bullshit with a new standalone messaging app. Read More >>

Instagram Is Warning Users That ‘Cute’ Exotic Animal Selfies Aren’t So Cute

In the Amazon, animals are being illegally captured and held in captivity to lure in tourists that might want to snap a sweet selfie with a sloth or a squirrel monkey. A report published in October by the Nature Conservation detailed the harmful consequences of wildlife ecotourism, pointing out that this practice is not only illegal, but deadly for the animals captured to entice sightseers. And it’s a practice that has been well-documented on Instagram—there are currently thousands of photos under the #slothselfie hashtag alone. But this week Instagram has decided to inform its millions of users that all that’s cute isn’t necessarily wholesome. Read More >>

Instagram is Trying to Get More ‘Influencers’ to Disclose Their Obvious Product Plugs Are Sponsored

Facebook subsidiary Instagram, the Twitter for people who only want to tweet about how hot and rich they are, has long been overrun with paid product endorsements from both genuine celebrities and nebulously influential “influencers”—and so many of them have openly flaunted US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules requiring disclosures of paid endorsement deals that the FTC has begun to warn them to take their authority seriously. Read More >>

Former Facebook President Admits It’s ‘Exploiting a Vulnerability in Human Psychology’

Sean Parker, the visionary techno-elf who cofounded Napster and served as Facebook’s first president, seems to have some regrets about building the social behemoth that’s taken over our world, telling an audience this week, “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.” Read More >>

Instagram Stories Now Lets You Post Old Photos Without a Workaround

I have an evening routine where I lie in my bed, tapping from Instagram story to Instagram story, mindlessly consuming what feels like a mundane montage of all of my friends’ days. That’s because, up until today, users were limited to posting photos and videos from within the last 24 hours. But now, Instagram has updated the feature to let you go wild from your camera roll. No more limitations, no more tediously bypassing the rules by screenshotting an image or editing its metadata. Time is meaningless, baby. Read More >>

‘Jargon-Busting’ Social Media Guides for Teens Have Just Been Released

Terms and conditions on social media are crazy. Nobody reads them, and therefore have no idea what they're agreeing to hand over when they sign up. So now a 'jargon-buster' guide has been released by the Children's Commissioner to help teenagers and teachers work out exactly what they're getting themselves into. Read More >>