You Can Now Turn on Better Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram – and You Should

Two-factor authentication is a simple and crucial step toward preventing someone from hacking into your account, and Instagram just updated this key security feature for all users. Read More >>

Instagram Will Use Machine Learning to Help Tackle Cyberbullying

As hundreds of millions of people flood social networks, tech companies are struggling to weed out harassment on their platforms—and so they’re turning to machines for help. On Tuesday, Instagram announced it was doing just that. Read More >>

Instagram Tests Feature That Shares Your Location History With Facebook

Facebook could soon start gathering location information from users’ Instagram accounts, if it implements a feature that the company has prototyped. Read More >>

Instagram Dinner Kits Launched by Pasta Specialist

A DIY meal kit is about to go on sale from pasta specialist La Famiglia Rana, featuring a variety of boutique pastas and nice-looking ingredients chosen solely for their ability to offer genuine foodies – or anyone who has recently selected "foodie" from the drop-down menu of boring internet personalities – the "ultimate Instagram-worthy content." Read More >>

Facebook Exec Overshares, Calls WhatsApp Founder ‘Low-Class’

Yesterday was exciting for anyone who cares about tension among Big Tech’s ultra-rich, as two executives have thrown barbs over Facebook’s management ethos. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Blamed for Instagram Founders’ Departure

On Monday, the founders of Instagram announced they were leaving to focus on new opportunities. To the surprise of no one, it’s looking like the problem was the CEO of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. And with those meddlesome founders out of the way, users should worry about a Facebook-ified Insta. Read More >>

Facebook’s Woes Grow as Instagram Co-Founders Reportedly Bail

Instagram co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are planning on leaving their jobs at the company in the coming weeks, according to a report in the New York Times on Monday. Read More >>

Report: Instagram’s IGTV ‘Recommended’ Videos of Graphic Violence and Possible Child Abuse

The largest tech platforms in the world have yet to prove that they can effectively and expeditiously moderate their hellish platforms, and Instagram is no exception. Read More >>

Instagram Gets Twitter-Style Verification and a Better Way to Secure Your Account

Today, Instagram will start rolling out some new tools designed to help weed out fake accounts and better inform users. Popular accounts will soon have the option for other users to see more detailed information about them, and everyone’s going to be scrambling to get the coveted tick of authenticity. Read More >>

New York Public Library Makes Instagram Useful, Turns it Into a Kind of eReader

I don't fully understand why Instagram is so popular. I think I have an account, thanks to this job, but I've never actually bothered to use it properly. But it's a big deal to a lot of people, so everyone wanting to grab the attention of its many users is on there. Among them is the New York Public Library, which has announced that it's figured out how to turn the social network into an eReader of sorts. Read More >>

elon musk
Elon Musk’s Instagram Drama Is Getting Even Weirder

It looks like Tesla founder and tortured workaholic Elon Musk has deleted his Instagram account. “Finally!” you might say, if you’ve been following the 47-year-old’s controversial behaviour on social media lately. “But wait you have to give me back my phone!” Azealia Banks might say, since she demanded Musk return the device around the same time he nuked his Instagram. “What on Earth is happening?” everyone else will definitely ask. Read More >>

Tell Us The Apps You Hate But Just Can’t Quit 

Not everything I do on my phone is Bad. I turn to Strava to motivate myself to run. With Spotify, I play music I like for a reasonable fee. And thanks to Crunchyroll, I can watch absurd anime like Toriko and lovely, meditative shows like Polar Bear Cafe wherever I want. My thumbs may ache because I struggle to resist the allure of my shiny pocket computer, but in truth my personal frustration machine doesn’t only consist of pure, steaming crap. Read More >>

Facebook and Instagram Have New Time-Managing Tools, Because Some People Have no Self-Control

Facebook has got to be, without a doubt, the most boring website I've ever been on. And yet there are enough people out there who spend so much time on the site that it warranted the launch of time-management tools to point it out. Those tools are hitting both Facebook and Instagram today, for any of you that somehow manage to find ways to waste hours on a site designed for poking people and looking at strangers' holiday photos. Read More >>

Four of the Biggest Tech Giants Teamed Up to Make Moving Your Data Around Less Painful

Thanks to the rise of cloud storage, there’s a seemingly endless number of ways to save photos, music, documents, or anything else offsite. Unfortunately, if you ever want to transfer that data from one service to another, the process can be quite tedious, as you’ll probably be forced to download everything and then manually re-upload all those files to a new home in someone else’s server farm. Read More >>