7 Installations Protesting Climate Change In Paris, Even If Actual Protesters Can’t

The entire world is watching as politicians pour into Paris today to decide the future of the Earth. But you might have missed what’s going on outside the summit, where dozens of activists and artists have transformed the city with installations about climate change. Read More >>

Spooky Art Installation Puts Mesmerising Video on Moving Sculpture

Artist Robert Seidel loves to play at the fuzzy border between sculpture, still images, and art in motion. He's at it again with "grapheme," projecting piercingly bizarre video images on delicate suspended shapes that defy the conventions of a stationary, rectangular screen. Read More >>

Dazzling LED Sculptures That Trip the Light Fantastic

Artist Jim Campbell has made a career out of tinkering with LED arrays. His newest work, a series of glowing, undulating installations, are a playful mix of circuitry, motion, and pure light that will captivate any onlooker. Read More >>

A Space-Inspired Floating Playground That Puts Visitors Into Orbit

Tomás Saraceno's M.O. as an artist is to make you float—either on top of millions of yards of plastic, or inside of hexagonal sky pods, or on top of an inflatable balloons. His latest Jules Verne-tinged installation, which opened today, is no different. Read More >>

Projection Installation Shows How Your Living Room Would Look If Swarmed By Giant Spiders

Whether they scare the pants off you or not, to most of us, spiders are still plain old creepy. So imagine how you'd react as you walked past this installation from German designer Friedrich van Schoor. I'm going with full-blown freaking-out Eight Legged Freaks-style. Read More >>

Stunning Sculpture Captures an Object’s Ghost

Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi's Reverse of Volume RG is a stunning installation that captures the "ghost" of what is no longer there. A visual impression of what is missing. Read More >>