A Catastrophic Flood Faked With LED Trickery

How do you demonstrate why people should pay attention to flood infrastructure? Show them what a flood would really look like. Read More >>

An Inflatable Planetarium Where You Can Climb Into the Night Sky 

If you happened to drive on London's perpetually congested A13 in late November, you may have noticed it: below the flyover, an eerily glowing orb surrounded by crowds of people who seemed to be crawling in and out of the strange erection. Read More >>

This Giant Rainbow Was Made With Tech That Studies Exoplanets

It's not very often that the fields of advanced photonics and installation art meet. But in Amsterdam this week, visitors to the city's Centraal Station are getting a look at what happens when liquid crystal optic technology is used to something completely unscientific: make public art. Read More >>

Walk on a Magic Carpet of Light in this Moroccan Cathedral

Watch out, the ground will change beneath your feet at the Sacré Coeur in Casablanca. As part of the installation Magic Carpet 2014, an interactive light show swirls, swarms, and shimmers under the cathedral's vaunted arches. It's even more thrilling to watch the lights in action in the video below. Read More >>

Giant Balloons Inflated Indoors Look Completely Surreal

What happens when you take a giant balloon and inflate it inside a small space? These photos show just that—and the surreal dreamworlds that result, looking like a mix between the inside of a person's body and a ghostly construction site. Read More >>

A Crap Tonne of Hot Glue Went Into This Beautiful Snowscape

Looking out of a window at fresh snow is beautiful. Even in cities there's a moment where everything is pristine, nothing is moving, and the snow dampens any noise. But if you're not stoked for winter or you live somewhere with eternal sunshine you can get your snow fix another way. Read More >>

Rockstar Tells Xbox 360 Owners Not to Install GTA V’s “Play” Disc to HD

The Xbox 360 version of GTA V comes on two discs, one that's a one-time 8GB data install to the hard drive, plus a second one designed to sit in the console's disc tray. Don't install this second one, is Rockstar's advice, else your game might suffer. Read More >>

xbox one
Anything PS4 Can Do, Xbox One Can Do… the Same

Microsoft's confirmed that its battered Xbox One machine will let gamers play the first chunk of games while they're downloading, which will come in very handy when trying to install the contents of a Blu-ray disc over a flaky and congested 2Mb connection. Read More >>

Inside the Rain Room: Walking Through a Downpour Without Getting Wet

The first thing you notice about Rain Room, the sure blockbuster installation that was in the Barbican Centre last year and opened at MoMA in NYC on Friday, is the tropical humidity. The second thing is the sound from hundreds of litres of water pouring from an artificial ceiling. Finally, after your eyes adjust to the darkness, you actually see it: Rain Room, a 1,000-square-foot space that’s in a state of perpetual downpour. Read More >>

PS4’s Hard Drive Will be a Whopper (Official Terminology)

Sony used a presentation at the US Game Developers Conference last night to reiterate many of the PS4 features it demonstrated at last month's big announcement event, and although nothing hugely new was shown off, it did confirm we'll see a hard drive in every unit -- and it'll be big. Read More >>

An Awesome Interactive 72,000 LED Display Is What Every Children’s Hospital Needs

This is wonderful. Jason Bruges Studio created an interactive installation that can react to touch and reveal digital animals inside a children's hospital. It's really clever, there are 70 LED panels with 72,000 LEDs in total hidden behind the wallpaper of the rainforest. When started, the wall makes it seem as if animals are traveling through the forest. Read More >>

Cloud City: A Spectacular Sculptural Constellation of Mirrors and Steel

Yesterday, atop the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, artist and architect Tomas Saraceno debuted his most recent work: Cloud City. A spectacular sculptural constellation, Cloud City is a mirrored fun house of geodesic pods, open to the public, with a number of prime vantage points for taking in the expansive Manhattan skyline and greenery of Central Park. Read More >>

Stunning Sculpture Captures an Object’s Ghost

Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi's Reverse of Volume RG is a stunning installation that captures the "ghost" of what is no longer there. A visual impression of what is missing. Read More >>

windows phone
The Next Windows Won’t Be a Nightmare to Install

More good news from Microsoft: Windows 8's upgrade process won't be like a mythological Greek hell punishment. Through clever software design, Windows 8 's setup will blow Windows 7 away—82 per cent fewer clicks, and massively cut install times. Read More >>