Being Stuck Inside This Laser-Filled Room Would Be a Great Way to Lose Your Mind

This immersive laser beam installation seems like the perfect place to pop a pill, stare at some lights, cleanse yourself from sin, and maybe even just leave your soul behind. The room is so vast and the lasers come from everywhere, so it must be a hell of a trip. Like you’re trapped inside a machine. Or the future. Or another dimension entirely. Read More >>

Five Unsettling Works of Encryption Art

Encryption is the process of encoding a message, and today we have incredibly sophisticated software and algorithms that make our encrypted messages almost impossible to decode. But how does it work? These art projects answer that question by exploring how encryption has become part of daily lives. Read More >>

This Abandoned Warehouse in Liverpool is Full of Live Jellyfish

If you find yourself wandering around Liverpool in the middle of the night, you might be surprised to happen upon a warehouse with a glowing blue door. Inside, you'll see countless live jellyfish floating peacefully in the unlikely setting. It's not a hallucination. It's art. Read More >>

You’ll Want to Play Forever in This Swirling Sea of Packing Peanuts

You might think it a nuisance when a few packing peanuts spill from a box out onto your living room floor. But when an entire hallway is filled with millions of the white nuggets and blown around in a cyclone of Styrofoam, you'll probably react a bit differently. Read More >>

Oculus Rift Lets You See What it Would Be Like to Swap Genders (NSFW)

Oculus Rift is amazing in that it lets you experience other worlds beautifully and immersively. And, in this project by BeAnotherLabs, it's letting users experience a few minutes as the opposite gender. (Warning: some nudity ahead). Read More >>

Street Artist Takes Over Derelict Petrol Station with Brilliant Results

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to live in cartoon, consider visiting Limerick, Ireland—where a street artist recently turned a broken down petrol station into a full-fledged colour party. Read More >>

This 360-Degree Visualisation Starts Over If Your Phone Rings

It's always distracting if your phone so much as vibrates when you're trying to focus on something. Knowing that, artistic collective Tundra created the Void, a 360-degree audiovisual installation that'll straight up stop if your phone rings. Read More >>

Don’t Come Knocking if the Caravan-in-the-Trees is Rocking

Check out French artist Benedetto Bufalino's recent work "La caravane dans le ciele"—literally, "the caravan in the sky." A small camper sits on top of a hydraulic lift, providing enough room for a person to live in the clouds. It's kind of like The Jetsons, only with limited storage options. [designboom] Read More >>

This Responsive Lighting Pavilion Looks Like It’s Alive

This giant colourful honeycomb is called the SOL Dome. Made from thousands of interconnected fibre optics, the structure responds to its environment as if it were a living, breathing plant. Read More >>

This Stone Mosaic of Johannesburg Looks Like a Real Satellite Map

From afar, this bird's eye view of Johannesburg looks like a satellite snapshot. But it's not—it's actually a massive, meticulously created mosaic. It contains thousands of fragments of stone and tile, but together, they look amazingly photo-realistic. Read More >>

This Hypnotic Sculpture Is a Substitute Sun During Long Arctic Winters

In some parts of Norway, the sun stays away for three long months of winter. While in Russia, the answer might be UV baths, the sun's absence in Scandinavia has inspired designers Lisa Pacini and Christine Istad to create Travelling Sun, a mobile multihued LED light sculpture that stands in for the sun. Read More >>

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Robots, Humans, and Animations Dance in This Mesmerising Performance

Combine robots, 3D graphics, and actors and what do you get? Box, an amazing performance by San Francisco-based engineering firm Bot & Dolly. It's a short film that explores how the digital world interacts with the real world. Read More >>

A Giant Paper Installation That Looks Like Sitting Inside a Rainbow

Maybe walking around a life-sized maze made of file folders is a hellish work stress dream you've had before. But artist Emmanuelle Moreaux has brought a similar idea to life in a rainbow of an installation for Japan's Shinjuku Creators Festa 2013. Read More >>

This Endless Staircase Is an M.C. Escher Drawing Come to Life

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to climb around M.C. Escher's never ending staircase, you can give it a try right now on the lawn of the Tate Modern in London. Architecture firm dRMM has set up on installation that combines 15 wooden stairways, creating a dizzying maze designed to confuse visitors. Read More >>

Giant Mirror Lakes Invade Beijing to Reflect China’s Water Crisis

At first glance, it looks like Beijing is being swallowed up by rising tides. But these aren't giant bottomless puddles — they're mirrors, installed throughout Beijing by the Chinese wing of advertising agency Grey Group. The point? To draw attention to the country's rapidly-disappearing lakes. Read More >>