Someday I’ll Be Able to Afford Leica’s New Instant Camera

Instant cameras are coming back in a big way. In the past couple of years, Fuji, Lomography, and “Polaroid” have all thrown their hats into the ring, producing cheap, fun devices that provide a nostalgic experience. Leica is keen to get in on the fun, but it seems to have missed the memo on price point. Which seems logical. Leica’s never made a camera it couldn’t mark up. Read More >>

Polaroid Zip Review: Tiny, Fast, and Pretty Damn Fun

When I was a teenager, I got a job at a supermarket to fund my photography habit. It bought me my first SLR — but also a later model Polaroid, arguably one of the greatest cameras ever. Polaroid's latest device attempts to recapture some of that old magic in the form of The Zip. Read More >>