A Hidden Vape Takes This Smoking, 3D-Printed Ghost Rider Costume to the Next Level

‘Tis the season to go completely overboard with costumes and decorations, so when Mike Warren decided on Ghost Rider for his Halloween getup, he knew he’d have to go the extra mile with a wearable glowing skull helmet surrounded in a cloud of smoke. But instead of reaching for the dry ice, he adapted a more modern tool for generating smoke: a vape. Read More >>

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The Best Fidget Spinner Has an Animated Cat Inside

Thanks to Jonathan Odom, a clever designer and builder who’s created everything from animatronics for films to museum exhibits, the fidget spinner has just taken a giant leap forward. Odom created One Spinner To Rule Them All: one with an animated cat video that comes to life when you flick it. Read More >>

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All the Instruments In This Excellent Rock Band Are Played by Actual Rocks

Last year, artist Neil Mendoza turned a hamster running in a wheel into a talented sketch artist. This year he’s pulled off an even more amazing feat by turning inanimate rocks into a talented (literal) rock band that plays a surprisingly decent cover of The Beatles’ “Here Comes the Sun.” Read More >>

Marvel at This Bagpipe-Playing Robot, and Then Cringe at the Music it Plays

At no point in the history of humanity did anyone ever ask for a bagpipe-playing robot that would never get tired. But this is exactly what Instructables’ XenonJohn has built with his Ardu McDuino bot that uses a pair of 3D-printed prosthetic hands to autonomously play a bagpipe’s chanter. Thanks? Read More >>

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3D-Printed Gatling Gun Fires 48 Rubber Bands in Mere Seconds

Matthew Davis’ Arcus is officially the most impressive thing we’ve ever seen come out of a 3D printer. Sure, cheap prosthetics and replacement body parts are important uses of the technology, but this spinning rubber band blaster is what finally makes us want to put a 3D printer on our desks. Read More >>

Combining a Blender, Chainsaw, and Motorcycle Is Summer Done Right

Looking for a fun project that promises to improve every last part of the forthcoming Summer? Do what Instructables’ Mike Warren did and combine a gas-powered chainsaw with a blender for making the smoothest margaritas without the need for a power cable. Read More >>

​How Autodesk’s Experimental Lab Gave Us an Odd Little Star Wars Movie

The long rectangles of San Francisco's famous piers gave the city a blocky, geometric border with the Bay over a century ago. Now these abandoned remnants of the Barbary Coast are being rejuvenated by companies like software giant Autodesk, whose Pier 9 Workshop is so experimental that it feels like science fiction. Read More >>

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How to Make an Ingenious Greeting Card With a Loading Message 

A loading message on your computer is, at best, annoying. A loading message on a paper though? Well, huh. Here's how to make this clever greeting card with just some paper, scissors, and a scalpel. Read More >>

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Someone Made a 3D Printer Out of a Floppy Disk Drive and Other E-Waste

E-waste is all around us, but as the brilliant Instructables user behind this 3D printer proves, there's plenty to be done with it – with a little light engineering required. Read More >>

Endless Animated Features Make This the Best Amateur Iron Man Suit Yet

There are more home-made Iron Man suits on the internet than Tony Stark has dollars in the bank. Some are even quite good, but none come as close to mimicking the real thing like this creation by an Instructables-user calling himself Honus. Read More >>

Lonely this Valentine’s? Why Not Make a Horrifying Rubber-Mouthed Kissing Pillow?

No, these aren't the latest additions in Buffalo Bill's new line of homeware accessories. These are examples of the "Make-Out Practice Pillow", a frankly terrifying DIY project for those that want to touch-up on their smooching skills. Read More >>

Vibrating Trouser Checker Lets You Know When You’re Unzipped

You might think you're being discrete when you check your trousers to ensure your flies are done up, but unless you're alone, it can look a little awkward. Instead of waiting for the embarrassment of just being told you need to zip up, check out this brilliant hack that makes it easy to subtly check the status of your fly. Read More >>

You’ll Never Destroy This Heavy Duty Remote In a Post-Sports Rage

Is there anything more infuriating than watching your favourite team lose while you've spent the past two hours shouting fantastic coaching advice at the screen? Taking your frustration out on your TV's remote can help, particularly if it's able to shrug off the abuse like this impressive heavy duty alternative you can build yourself. Read More >>