Insurers Are Next Against the Wall in Annual Contract Price Hike Wars

The Financial Conduct Authority has picked itself a nice easy target to batter, and is peering at the methods of the insurance industry to see how car and home insurers can be made to play a bit nicer when it comes to automatically renewing policies. Read More >>

Insurer Offers Flat Battery Cover for EVs

The motor insurance company by the typo nightmare name of LV= has launched a range of policies specifically designed for drivers of full electric cars, which offer the benefits of a national recovery service to the nearest public charger should drivers pull a Clarkson and fail to find a working charging station before their batteries die. Read More >>

Kind and Caring New Uber UK Offers Drivers Sick and Maternity Pay

Uber has made a massive concession in its contractual world, coming up with a plan to offer its drivers sick pay and maternity pay — funded by an insurance policy that's paid for using the commissions it takes on each trip. Read More >>

Insurance Ad Banned for Encouraging Children to Eat Money

One of those adverts people who need murdering find funny has been banned. Hooray. But it's only a small ban to make sure children don't copy what it inadvertently suggests doing. Read More >>

All-Night Overseas Benders Will Probably Invalidate Your Travel Insurance

The UK's financial ombudsman has been analysing successful and unsuccessful cases of holiday injury compensation, with the startlingly obvious conclusion being that if you're too drunk to sign your name when you arrive in hospital it's likely that your insurer is going to refuse to pay your local emergency treatment costs. Read More >>

Compare the Market Accused of Insurer Pricing Stitch-Up

That web site with the adverts that make everyone over the age of 40 want to take a bath with their TV sets is in trouble with the UK's competition watchdog, which is accusing it of doing deals with insurers that guarantee it's the cheapest place to take out insurance contracts. Read More >>

The Kids Don’t Dream of a Driving Licence Any More

Stats that record the number of young people that are putting their phones down for long enough to learn how to drive show that car ownership fantasies are on the decline, with nearly 20 per cent fewer 17-to-25-year-olds taking their driving tests now than a decade ago. Read More >>

Pay Per Mile Car Insurance Startup Hopes to Launch This Year

The chance to pay for your car insurance only when you actually do a bit of driving should come to the UK market later this year, as insurance startup By Miles prepares to launch its pay-per-mile products. Read More >>

Average Car Insurance Premium Could Top £1,000 Next Year

Car insurance premiums are on the rise, and seem set to surge past previous records and set eye-watering new ones, according to a comparison site. Read More >>

Tech-Packed Cars Trigger Insurance Rises

Car insurance prices are at record highs, as they usually are, with the blame for the latest rises being placed at the door of the car manufacturers for making everything so complicated and therefore expensive to repair and replace. Read More >>

Meerkats Up the Ante With 2-for-1 Cinema Tickets on Wednesdays AND Tuesdays

The maker of the annoying omnipresent adverts for car insurance is the latest company to leap in the BOGOF cinema ticket void created by Orange, with Compare the Market (dot com) now offering a whole year of 2-for-1 cinema tickets when you sign up to one of its insurance plans. Read More >>

Airbnb Now Has Liability Insurance in the US

Airbnb already provides reimbursement for property damage, now they've added liability insurance that will protect both hosts and their landlords should anyone get injured during a stay. The coverage is automatic and goes into effect in January; sadly it's U.S. only for now. [Airbnb] Read More >>

Can You Guess The Most Bizarre Insurance Claim From Last Year?

The lesson from this year's list of the weirdest insurance claims? Don't, under any circumstances, lock a badger in a shed, or let a baby near your laptop. Read More >>