Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Quits After Investigation Into Total Boner Move

Intel’s CEO of five years, Brian Krzanich, has stepped down according to the company’s own press release. Surprisingly, this has nothing to do with Intel’s security woes or Krzanich’s selling of stock just before the news of those security woes broke. Read More >>

Intel Says Its GPUs to Rival AMD and Nvidia Will Be Here By 2020

Intel has stopped dancing around the issue and confirmed in a tweetas noted by Engadget, that it will be making discrete GPUs and that they will be here by 2020. Read More >>

AMD’s Status Competition With Intel Ramps Up 

Almost as soon as Intel had announced its new 28-core beast, AMD took the stage at Computex and revealed the latest update to its Threadripper CPU, and it has more cores—32 cores to be exact. That’s more cores than you’ll ever need to do your tweets and fill out your spreadsheets, but this isn’t about processing, it’s about power. Read More >>

Intel’s Got Some New Tricks to Try to Save Your Laptop’s Precious Battery

Intel seems to have figured out a very smart way to improve battery life on laptops. The processor maker announced its new Low Power Display spec at Computex in Taipei, Taiwan today, and claims adhering to the spec could improve battery life on laptops by anywhere from four and eight hours. Read More >>

This Five-Figure Desktop Might Also Be the Most Outrageous Nintendo Switch Dock Ever Created

The Nintendo Switch is already the hottest console on the block, so how do you go about making it even better? By building a wildly expensive custom gaming desktop with a built-in Switch dock, so you can enjoy the best of the console and PC world, of course. Read More >>

Processor Makers Confirm New Security Flaws, So Update Your Shit Now

Intel is finally confirming that its computer processors are vulnerable to an additional variant of Spectre, the nasty security vulnerability that affects nearly every CPU currently in devices and in the marketplace. Read More >>

Why the Heck Is Intel Struggling to Make Smaller, Faster CPUs?

It looks like Intel has got some issues with its next generation of CPUs. Recently during an earnings call, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich admitted that Intel would be delaying the highly anticipated Cannon Lake processor until 2019. The delay means Intel’s CPUs won’t see a very large jump in speed or power efficiency any time soon. Instead, we’ll be getting the just-announced Whiskey Lake, a new CPU architecture as well as a body of booze I’m sure more than one CPU designer at Intel would like to leap into. Read More >>

It Doesn’t Look Like Spectre and Meltdown Really Hurt Intel at All

When the Spectre and Meltdown security vulnerabilities were made public earlier this year, things were a mess. Practically every Intel processor made in the last decade had backdoors that potentially let normal programs and software access what are supposed to be protected areas of a CPU’s kernel. Read More >>

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Two Months After Announcing New Smart Glasses, Intel’s Killing the Project Entirely

Damn, I’ve never seen a tech company give up on a project so quickly since Microsoft bet big on the Kin, but Intel may have taken the cake as it announces the closure of the division responsible for its intriguing Vaunt smart glasses. Just five years after creating the New Devices Group, Intel is shuttering it, and unfortunately, that will also mean the loss of an estimated 200 jobs, according to The Information, who first reported the closure. Read More >>

This Laptop Is So Fast, You’ll Forgive It For Being Obnoxiously Big and Loud

MSI’s GT75 is a laptop in name only. Measuring 2.2-inches thick and weighing over 10 pounds, even the mere thought of lugging this thing around makes my back hurt. Oh, and did I mention that’s before you factor in that this 17-inch gaming behemoth requires not one, but two separate power bricks, which combined adds another 4.5 pounds? Read More >>

This Remote Keyboard App Was So Screwed Up, Intel Killed It Instead of Fixing It

Usually when researchers find bugs in software, even critical ones, the company responsible apologises, addresses any flaws, and then puts out an update for people to download again. However, in the case of Intel’s Remote Keyboard app for Android, it seems even that is too much work for Intel. After three different security researchers found a number of severe exploits, the company seems to have decided to ditch the app altogether instead of patching the holes. Read More >>

The Only Chips Intel’s Refusing to Patch are Ancient

The Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities—the ones that leave ever single Intel CPU made in the last ten years open to attack—have been, for the most part, patched. But according to a new Intel document, a handful of processor types will never be patched for Spectre Variant 2, the vulnerability that affects nearly all modern CPUs and allows bad actors to potentially access some of your most sensitive data. Read More >>

What’s Really Going On With Apple and Intel? A Guide to the Speculation

On Monday Bloomberg News dropped a bombshell report. By 2020, it claimed Apple will stop using Intel CPUs in its computers. Just picture it: The third-largest PC maker in the world might one day leave behind the biggest computer chip maker. Read More >>

Apple Reportedly Killing Laptops With Intel Inside

Piling onto months of rumours, Mark Gurman and Ian King of Bloomberg News are reporting that Apple plans to move to Apple-built CPUs for its computers, ending the use of Intel CPUs in Apple hardware. Apple is currently the third-largest maker of computers in the US and the loss for Intel would be significant. But it would also mean some major, and potentially unpleasant, changes for end users. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About Intel’s Newest 8th-Generation Processors 

You will be forgiven if you’ve been perplexed by Intel’s 8th generation Core computer processors. Back in October 2017 I called this 8th-gen “a confusing Frankenstein-like monster” and that still holds true! The generation is a mishmash of microarchitectures cobbled together under a single umbrella term of “8th Generation,” and the processors have slowly trickled out over the last seven months. Now another round of processors have been announced—less than a week after the last batch. Read More >>