WikiLeaks Just Dumped a Ton of Alleged CIA Hacking Documents

Here we go again, gumshoes. WikiLeaks (read: Julian Assange) says it acquired a massive cache of CIA documents related to the agency’s cyberwar efforts. The information therein, WikiLeaks claims, reveals covert CIA hacking tools that can take over iPhones, Android phones, TVs, and pretty much any type of computer. It’s scary stuff—if you believe what WikiLeaks is saying is true. Read More >>

New Study Could Be the Death Knell of Brain-Training Games

Brain-training programs like the ones offered by Luminosity and LearningRx claim to boost intelligence and even offset the effects of ageing. A re-evaluation of the existing scientific literature on the matter shows these claims are complete bullshit. Read More >>

British Defence Giant Offers Tactical Rubbish Bins to American Police

While most of us eventually stop playing spies, American police departments have found it increasingly tough to grow up, using military-developed surveillance equipment for crimes as minor as 911 hangups in recent years. Sensing an opportunity, defence contractors apparently stepped in to fulfil the demand, as demonstrated by a newly leaked 2014 product catalogue from British defence firm Cobham Read More >>

Humans With Amplified Intelligence Could Be More Powerful Than AI

With much of our attention focused the rise of advanced artificial intelligence, few consider the potential for radically amplified human intelligence (IA). It’s an open question as to which will come first, but a technologically boosted brain could be just as powerful — and just as dangerous – as AI. Read More >>

Fancy Being Paid £250 to Become a Hacker? Apply to GCHQ’s Summer Schools

As part of its never-ending quest for fresh meat, GCHQ is trying to attract new cyber-talent by offering students £250 to attend one of its summer schools. The intelligence agency has four separate schemes spread out across the UK, and is inviting curious (or simply skint) over-18s to get stuck in. Read More >>

UK Government Recruiting More Spies to Read Your Emails

The UK's main intelligence services are to see significant boosts in staff numbers over the coming years, as our spying overlords man-up to counter the problem of people Googling how to make bombs and ricin. Read More >>

US Air Force Uses ‘Moronic’ Selfie to Bomb ISIS Headquarters

Many of us know feeling of posting a regrettable pic or two online. But while your thoughtless photos might be an embarrassment, they (typically) aren’t offensive enough to merit a US Air Force strike. If you’re an terrorist, on the other hand, a wee bit more discretion is probably advised. Read More >>

Chimps Learn Not to Get Squashed When Crossing the Road

A quite extraordinary video shows a clever little chimpanzee checking both ways before crossing the road, with scientists suggesting this means they're probably clever enough to be shaved and adopted as children by Hollywood celebrities. Read More >>

Tor Doesn’t Want to Depend on US Government Money Anymore

Tor is transforming. The online-anonymity service is making a concerted effort to find funding sources other than the United States government, a problematic sugar daddy that's bankrolled Tor for years. Read More >>

Obama’s Latest NSA ‘Reform’ is Predictably Weak

If this is what the US government thinks privacy reform is, it's pretty pitiful. The Obama administration is to announce new rules that will force the intelligence agency to delete data about Americans that was "incidentally" collected—basically, accidentally scooped up in an overly broad search query. Read More >>

Reworked Turing Test Wants to Replace Conversations with Questions

A new way of testing the intelligence of potentially deadly AI routines is being backed by speech recognition specialist Nuance, with the system binning Turing's conversational computer tests in favour of a word-swapping Q&A approach. Read More >>

Bored Scientists Put Humanised Brains in Mice

Now that we've cured cancer and ebola and Aids and colds and flu, scientists can start having fun down the lab again, with some researchers wasting their time "humanising" the brains of mice so they can learn quicker. Read More >>

The NSA Patented Tech That Will Catch You Swapping SIM Cards

Now that it's been over a year since the Snowden leaks, you might've thought that all of the insane NSA revelations had been revealed. Not so! Foreign Policy just published a fascinating and exhaustive list of every patent ever awarded to the spy agency. And one of its latest inventions is all about your SIM card. Read More >>

The Intelligence Community Finally Released a Transparency Report

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence quietly posted its first ever transparency report on Tumblr this week. Complete with "Top Secret" written on the top, the three-and-a-half page document details basic statistics about the intelligence community's actions. It's not very revealing. At all. Read More >>

Everyone Thinks They’re Smarter Than the Average Human

When asked how clever they were in relation to the UK average, only two per cent of people humbly suggested they were of below average intelligence. 47 per cent of people think they're brighter than the norm, with 43 per cent saying they're of average mental fortitude. Londoners have the highest opinions of themselves, with 59 per cent believing they're smarter than average. [Independent] Read More >>