In This Incredibly Strange Vision of the Future, a Robotic Worm Is Your Only Device

For most people in 2015, “one device that can do it all” is a tablet that also has a keyboard. For interaction designers at MIT, it means a shape-shifting soft robot that switches from phone, to watch, to flashlight, to charging cable. Read More >>

Magic Wands for Everyone at the Museum of the Future, Today

It's weird to see a working Nest thermostat on display at a Smithsonian museum in New York. It's even weirder to tinker with the gadget, pushing buttons and changing settings. But touching and tinkering with technology is the Cooper Hewitt future museum's speciality. Read More >>

Why Everyone Wants to Kill the Mouse and Keyboard

In the past 40 years, everything about our computers have changed: the screens; the guts; the size, weight, and materials; the software itself, of course. But one thing has stayed exactly the same, frozen in time from the early days: the tools we use to tell them what to do. So it's odd that we're so desperate to throw them out the window. Read More >>

How to Print a Super-Thin Touchscreen Display on Just About Anything

We've kept a close eye on the 27th ACM Symposium on INTER Software and Technology, going on in Honolulu this week. This award-winning paper is perhaps the coolest thing we've seen. Read More >>

Cheap Ikea Products Transformed Into Awesome Game Controllers

Ikea hacking never gets old, but this goes beyond your average mod: an interaction designer named Marc Dubois has taken three cheap-o Ikea products and modified them to act as controllers for desktop games. Read More >>

An Interaction Designer Creates a Tactile Comic Book For the Blind

Comic books and visual novels are difficult to translate into Braille; Usually, they’re novelised or retold in audio formats. But is it possible to tell a visual story using tactile means alone? A Berlin-based interaction design student named Philipp Meyer thinks so. Read More >>