This Neat Map of ISS Shows Where AstroSamantha Takes Her Space Photos

Geotagging on the International Space Station? Almost! This interactive map collects and pins all of ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti's gorgeous orbital photos. Read More >>

Ultrasound Can Let You Touch and Feel 3D Shapes in Thin Air

Touch feedback has been advancing rapidly of recent time, and now we're at the stage where ultrasound can be used to create entire 3D shapes to touch and feel in thin air. Read More >>

This Wild New Display Uses Fog as an Interactive 3D Screen

Engineers have built an interactive display using a tabletop system and mounted personal screens made of fog. Projectors light the fog for each user and a camera system monitors movements, allowing each person at the table to manipulate and share three-dimensional data. Read More >>

Keyfleas Don’t Actually Bite While You Type

A lot of things can bother you while you're trying to work, but what about things that you only perceive as nagging? In Keyfleas, little lights follow your fingers around a keyboard like a swarm of fleas, and can create the sensation that something is nipping at your fingers. Read More >>

Awful Kinect-Powered “NUAds” Coming to Xbox 360 Before the Summer

Microsoft is set to launch its NUads system in the next few months, which offer a way to interact with and share TV adverts. Despite the fact that literally no one has ever wanted to do that. Read More >>

Office Sound System Lets You Skip Tracks By Whipping Something At this Poster

In an attempt to stop people from queuing up unpopular songs in its public Spotify-powered sound system, the folks at Agency Republic created this interactive wall poster that can be used to easily skip tracks. All you have to do is slap, hit, fire, or throw something at it. Read More >>

Virgin Media Launches ‘Red Button’ Services Ready for Sky’s F1 Onslaught

Virgin Media has just launched a selection of 'Red Button' interactive features, designed to give sports fans yet more angles of footballers gobbing on themselves. And it'll also make Virgin's broadcasting of Sky's 2012 F1 coverage all the more in-depth. Read More >>

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This Touchscreen Van Gogh’s Starry Night Is So Stunningly Beautiful It Should Be Made Into an App

Petros Vrellis has turned Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night into an animation that changes when the user touches it. The effect is so beautiful and mesmerising that I'm now craving an app that would let me do the same. Read More >>