Toshiba Has a Plan to Extend Quantum Security to Record-Breaking Distances

Toshiba has devised a feasible new way to use the laws of quantum mechanics to send secure messages using present-day technology. Now it just has to build it. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Work to Plug Freeview Interference Hole Before Full 4G Launch

The UK's mobile networks have come together to help speed up the 4G launch in the UK, getting the team in place to sort out the potential nationwide nightmare of Freeview TV interference when the next-gen mobile service becomes more widespread. Read More >>

Your Freeview Might Get Nuked By 4G

The mobile networks are blowing money on 4G again, only this time it's not on masts or coverage -- it's to make sure interference from new transmitters doesn't ruin our enjoyment of Antiques Roadshow. Read More >>

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What Do Those Mysterious Lumps on Your Cables Do?

You have some sense of what the wires going to and from your computer do. Some bring power; others transmit information from one device to another. But some of these cables look a Read More >>