Space-Saving Lounge Chairs Disappear Right Into This Tiny Deck

To help maximise the living space in a small apartment in Honk Kong, the designers at Liquid Interiors came up with a clever way to make its tiny rooftop deck feel far more spacious: a pair of lounge chairs that disappear right into the wooden plank flooring. Read More >>

How Ford’s Top Interior Designer Puts the Future in the Front Seat

Amko Leenarts is the Director of Interior Design for Ford Motor Company, creating the interior look for Ford's products worldwide. He spoke with Gizmodo about the design influences, technology, and safety considerations that go into future designs. Read More >>

Inside the 13 Coolest Offices of the Year

Bonkers offices tend to spring up like expensive mushrooms during boom time, especially in the tech world. But it turns out that average companies are investing in great design too – at least according to the shortlist of great offices chosen by the World Festival of Interiors this year. Read More >>

This Lovely Living Room Could End Up Inside a Helicopter

It goes without saying that the most wealthy, famous, and powerful people in the world travel in style. But expensive cars and private planes decked out with luxurious leather interiors surprisingly can't hold a candle to this gorgeous interior designed by Giopato & Coombes which you'll find in a—cottage? Nope. Try a private helicopter. Read More >>

This House Hasn’t Been Redecorated Since the ’60s and it’s for Sale

A 96-year old Toronto woman is finally moving out of her quaint little house. The story isn't anything out of the ordinary—until you realise that she's lived there for 72 years and apparently hasn't redecorated once. Oh, and she has amazing taste. Read More >>

This Super Energy-Efficient House is Made of Plastic

Tearing down old things to make room for new things is a beloved tradition. It makes sense in some ways. After all, better building materials mean better buildings, right? Not if you like beautiful old buildings. There is, however, a compromise. Read More >>

A Desk Designed to Accommodate all Your Everyday Tech

Do you ever sit there and wish your desk were better suited for your many gadgets? Seriously, that standard flat piece of wood you've been sitting at for years was not designed for computers, much less tablets or phones. But the SlatePro is. Read More >>

I Want to Move Into all of These Houses Immediately

Who wouldn't want to wake up in this tree house? Architizer's A+ Awards have launched for public voting and they include several gorgeous houses tucked into some surprising parts of the globe. Here are a few of my favourites. Read More >>

These Sleek, Activity-Sensing Lights Adjust to Your Movements

Do you ever feel like lights don't move enough? That's a serious question! After all, humans are constantly in motion—so wouldn't it make sense for our lights to follow? Read More >>

These Scale-Shaped Tiles Will Soundproof Your Room With Style

There's nothing worse than an echo-y room. It feels empty and sounds like you're inside a tin can. Thankfully, you can fix all that with these customisable, multi-coloured tiles just released by the Madrid-based Stone Designs. Read More >>

Don’t Throw Stones (Or Use the Loo) in This House with Glass Ceilings and Floors

Privacy is a big deal in the home. That's why we have walls and curtains and doors and things. Because after all, you don't want even your closest friends and relatives to see what you're up to all the time. Unless you live in Shanghai's Vertical Glass House. With glass ceilings and floors, privacy is not its selling point. Read More >>

Dress Up Your Home With These Patterned Wall Tiles

Do your walls need a bit of a reboot? Worry not, young design enthusiast. These self-adhesive, fabric pattern wall tiles will solve your problems. Read More >>

Wouldn’t it Be Fun to Live in a Translucent House?

Walls are too restrictive. They put up a barrier between you and the outside world, sometimes that's a good thing, but they also block natural light. So why not make them just a little bit translucent—you know, to brighten things up a bit? Read More >>

Aluminium Leaves Give This London House a Groovy Geometric Facade

Vine-covered homes are charming, but the fast-growing plants can get unruly if left untended for even a short time. When London-based architecture firm Squire and Partners set out to convert an 18th-century public house into an incredible five-story private residence, they developed a unique facade of folded aluminium leaves to take the place of the au natural variety. Read More >>