SpaceX’s Ambitious Internet Satellite Project Is Set to Launch This Weekend

With the inaugural launch of the super-powerful Falcon Heavy rocket now in the books, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is ready to set his sights on an ambitious project known as Starlink. On Saturday, SpaceX will launch two experimental mini-satellites—the first batch of what Musk hopes will eventually comprise a 4,000-satellite constellation providing low-cost internet around the globe. Read More >>

Facebook Wants Kids in Juvenile Detention to Get Internet Access

Facebook is supporting a bill currently before the California legislature that, if passed, would give children in juvenile detention facilities and foster care homes the right to internet access. Read More >>

A Rule Change In Germany May Allow For Widespread Free WiFi

After years of being a “hotspot desert,” Germans could finally have widespread free WiFi by autumn, thanks to a proposal that relaxes some online piracy guidelines. Read More >>

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What is the Outernet and is it the Future of the Internet?

For 60 per cent of the world's population, regular internet access is about as common as flying cars. Nearly five billion people today lack basic internet access either because they live in remote, rural areas or due to restrictive censorship on the part of the local government. Read More >>