The Internet Archive Fights Wiki Citation Wars With Books

Thanks to the laborious stewardship of the blessed Internet Archive and the unyielding armies of Wikipedia’s citizen scholars, we may, within our lifetimes, reach a consensus on basic historical information. Read More >>

What Myspace Lost

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Myspace was never finished, only abandoned.” Not those words exactly, but if disappeared, and the Louvre burned down, and all libraries were defunded, and a solar flare wiped out all of Earth’s power, and a historian found this sole surviving blogpost 200 years from now, they might equally wonder what was Myspace, and who was Leonardo da Vinci, and did he know the great composer Alice Cooper, whose vinyl records were discovered in a basement in the underwater island of Manhattan? History exists only as long as our artefacts, which survive by miracle or by the tender care of centuries-old institutions that protect them from fire, war, disc rot, magnets, selfies, and Sunday painters. Read More >>

Let’s Make the World Wide Web a National Monument

We’re at a critical inflection point for the World Wide Web. Everything is changing, disappearing, splintering, expanding, and being remade. It’s time we provide legal protection to what’s left of this moment in history. And one way to do that is to make it a national monument. Read More >>

The Wayback Machine Was Quietly Blocked in India

On Tuesday evening, citizens of India were appalled to find that the Internet Archive had been blocked by a growing number of local ISPs. Instead of finding the Wayback Machine, users saw a message that is routinely used when the government restricts access to an online organisation. Read More >>

Emulate the Golden Age of the Macintosh Thanks to the Internet Archive

Along with its duties of maintaining copies of important news, literature, scientific information, and old MySpace pages, the Internet Archive also loves to create emulations for you to fiddle with inside your browser. Today, the lovable non-profit organisation has made it easy for you to relive the glory years of the early Macintosh like it’s 1985 all over again. Read More >>

Anticipating the Worst From Trump, the Internet Archive Is Building a Backup in Canada

During the presidential election, many Americans said that they’d move to Canada if Donald Trump won. But the Internet Archive, the nonprofit organisation that backs up virtually the entire public internet, is actually going through with it. Read More >>

The Wayback Machine is Getting a Search Engine

The Wayback Machine is knowledge storage on a colossal scale: maintained by the Internet Archive, it’s a repository of how everything looked on the internet in the past. But the biggest libraries are the hardest to organise, which is why the equivalent of £1.2 million is being spent to give the Wayback Machine its very own Google. Read More >>

Russia is Banning the Internet Archive and Blaming it on Terrorism

Russian internet users can no longer time warp through internet history. This week, the Russian government blocked the Internet Archive domain–which makes the nonprofit’s popular and useful time-warping tool, the Wayback Machine, off limits. Read More >>

The Internet Archive Has Grown Up With a Gorgeous New Design

If you’ve logged onto the Internet Archive recently, you might’ve noticed that humanity’s ultimate information dump has a pretty new face. And about time too. Read More >>

2,400 MS-DOS Games are Now Free Online (Some of Them are Porn)

The Internet Archive just dumped nearly 2,400 old MS-DOS video games into an easy-to-navigate repository. Every single one of the games is free to play in your browser. Some of the games are classics from your youth. Some of them are hilariously obscure. And some of them are porn — which is something you probably didn't realise existed on MS-DOS. Read More >>

The Internet Archive’s Created a Free Online Arcade With Over 900 Games

If you were planning a day of productive work, you may want to reschedule: the Internet Archive has created an online arcade which lets you run over 900 classic games right there, in your browser. Read More >>

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A Look Behind the Scenes of the Internet Archive’s Impossible Task

Last autumn, the Internet Archive celebrated a massive milestone, as the "online Library of Alexandria" reached 10 Petabytes of stored information. Yes, that means 10,000,000,000,000,000 bytes accessible to anyone. Wow. Read More >>

The Internet Archive Has Now Saved a Whopping 10,000,000,000,000,000 Bytes of Data

If you try to think about how big the Internet is, and how much data it contains, the results are mind-boggling. That hasn't stopped the Internet Archive from trying to collect it all though, and now they've hit a big milestone: 10 petabytes. That's 10,000 terabytes, or 10,000,000,000,000,000 bytes. It's a lot. Read More >>

The Internet Archive Has Just Become a Big Torrent Tracker

The Internet Archive's mission is to preserve the internet, to provide "universal access to all knowledge". Now that also includes torrents, because it's simply a better way of distributing large amounts of information. Well over a million torrents are being seeded by the Archive, including a whole bunch of free movies, with loads being added every hour. Read More >>