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Ong’s Hat: The Early Internet Conspiracy Game That Got Too Real

On a sunny morning in early 2000, Joseph Matheny woke up to find conspiracy theorists camped out on his lawn again. He was making coffee when he noticed a face peering in a ground-floor window of the small, three-story building he rented in Santa Cruz. Past the peeper, there were three other men in their early 20s loitering awkwardly. Matheny sighed and stepped outside. He already knew what they wanted. They wanted to know the truth about Ong’s Hat. They wanted the secret to interdimensional travel. Read More >>

Memes Make Teens Unhealthy, Says Party-Pooping Study

A bunch of lame adults from Loughborough University have declared that internet memes are ruining teenagers' lives, making them fat and prone to bullying. Read More >>

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Here’s the Sequel to ‘End of Ze World,’ the First Viral Video Ever

The new “End of Ze World” video looks just like the original for exactly two seconds. A few moments later, the long-awaited sequel to what many call the world’s first viral video displays a collage of missiles, pumpjacks, a Nazi flag, a hurricane, and protest signs. Your eyes will immediately drop to the one that says boldly, “WTF?!” This is “End of Ze World… Probably for Real This Time,” and it’s haunting. Read More >>

Who Killed YTMND? 

In its heyday, You’re The Man Now Dog (YTMND) rode the cresting wave of early mainstream online communities, alongside its brethren like 4chan, Something Awful, and Newgrounds. The site allowed anyone to pair a GIF (animated or not) with looping sound, to be voted on and shared by other users. At its peak, YTMND had four million monthly users. Read More >>

This Guy Keeps Getting Killed in Terrorist Attacks

If this face seems familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen it associated with any number of recent terror incidents. This man has apparently died at least three times since January, most recently in the terrorist attack at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul. So what is happening here? A France24 investigation provides the answer. Read More >>

The Best Place to Find Stuff on Reddit is Promoting Mysogynistic Crap

Subreddit of the Day (SROTD) is about celebrating the cool, weird, fun parts of Reddit. Every day the moderators of SROTD pull a subreddit from a large pool of nominees and promote it. In the past few weeks they’ve featured subreddits devoted to stuff like dronesfan art, and frustrating gifs that cut off the best part at the end. Read More >>

In Defence of Furries

I wrote a post about Disney’s efforts to market Zootopia to furries last week, and I really pissed off some furries by describing the community as “people who like to roleplay as animals for sex reasons”. The following missive is an email I received from a furry named Brooke, published with her permission: Read More >>

No, You Can’t Use the DMCA to Fight IS, You Lunatic

Politicians and Anonymous activists are freaking out about fighting Islamic State on social media. Into this minefield stepped US homeland security analyst Paul Rosenzweig, who proposed a solution so bad it’s mind-boggling. He wants to use copyright law to stop terrorism. Read More >>

What Happened to the Guy Who Created the World’s First Viral Video?

In 2003, a rudimentary Flash animation called “The End of the World” cropped up online. It spread like a virus in the pre-smartphone, pre-YouTube era. Ever wonder what happened to the teen who made it? Read More >>

The Wait is Over, Thank God, (Where Vapers Find Love) is Now Open

No more, no more, no more will the vaping community be relegated to searching for love on ordinary dating sites populated with #vapelife virgins who don’t even know how to prime. Read More >>

Popular German Dating Site LOVOO May Use Fembots to Lure Men into Paying for Membership

After the Ashley Madison fembot scandal, this scenario sounds familiar. Internal documents leaked by whistleblowers at dating site LOVOO, which boasts 36 million users across Europe, reveal the company used bots called “promoter bitches” to flirt with men and get them to spend Euros on the site. Read More >>

How to Rule on Blingee, According the 50-Year-Old Queen of Blingee

The world almost lost an internet miracle this year. About a month ago, Blingee announced plans to close, but the users wouldn’t let it. The news made one middle-aged Russian gran, the unofficial queen of Blingee, very happy. Read More >>