‘£80,773’ Harambe Cheeto Is Everything Stupid About the Internet

A little over a week ago, seller valuestampsinc posted a listing on eBay for a Flaming Hot Cheeto vaguely resembling Harambe. On Monday, this inevitably became a viral story due to its exorbitant price—the final, winning big is a whopping $99,900 (£80,773). Read More >>

You Can Get a Weed Leaf Decal for Literally Any Gadget, So I Did

I love my Amazon Echo. She is the perfect Bluetooth speaker, kitchen timer, and personal shopper—for better or worse—but also a friend, keeping me company on those brutally cold and lonely nights. So when I learned that MightySkins—a company that makes decals for literally every gadget under the sun, from hoverboards to drones to seven-year-old iPhones to electric unicycles to a wide variety of vapes—I had to elevate my precious Echo from boring black tube to party monster. Read More >>

Facebook Gives You New Way to Shout Into the Void

Picture this: you’re at home, alone, and you suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to bellow into the abyss. Perhaps you’ve just formulated a take too spicy for the written word. Perhaps you’re just mad about shit. You open up your Facebook app but right when you tap “LIVE” you catch sight of your face—hideous, gnarled, cracked and broken. You swiftly close out of the app, burdened with a heavy sense of grief. Still burdened with that yearning to release your hot take, you begin to weep. Read More >>

The Sex-Haver’s Guide to Using the New iPhone Emoji

In the latest iOS 10 update, Apple added hundreds of new and redesigned emoji. The world of the emoji can be difficult to navigate, for sex-havers and virgins alike. Using the incorrect emoji in a message to one of your cooler friends or a potential new lover can leave you humiliated, looking like a fumbling nerd who can’t even send a goddamn text right. So how do you use these new symbols to effortlessly and effectually convey who you are—a person who has definitely had sex before—through the medium of the iMessage? Read More >>

Here’s the ‘Problematic Behaviour’ That Can Get You Banned From Uber

In an effort to be more transparent, Uber publicly revealed what a customer would have to do to get banned from the service, posting a list of bannable offences on its website. Read More >>

Now Twitter Is Just Screwing With Us

In the latest iOS update, Twitter killed the last feature that made the platform usable—the @-reply. Goodbye “don’t @ me,” hello “literally can’t @ me.” Your replies to someone’s tweets no longer factor into character count, which is good, but removing the @ all together makes your feed look confusing as hell. Read More >>

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Find Someone Who Looks at You Like Mark Zuckerberg Looks at Vin Diesel

On Sunday, Mark Zuckerberg interviewed Vin Diesel on Facebook Live before they took the stage together at the Breakthrough Awards—Silicon Valley’s own sort of Nobel prize-Oscars hybrid, which gave $25 million to scientists this year. Read More >>

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What Hath Bee Movie Wrought?

Dreamworks’ 2007 animated cult classic that details the romance between a bee (Jerry Seinfeld) and a human woman (Renée Zellweger)—has long served as the inspiration behind the internet’s weirdest memes. Recently it’s paved the way for something that transcends Bee Movie—something absurd, an artful and heroic exercise of futility and devotion. Something notably hollow. Read More >>

Marc Andreessen Never Left Twitter

Famed venture capitalist Marc Andreessen departed from Twitter with a bang—but it appears the Netscape founder never actually left. Even though Andreessen hasn’t been tweeting himself, he’s still engaging with the social media platform’s worst feature—other people’s accounts. We investigated Andreessen’s recent “Likes” and damn, homeboy’s been busy. Read More >>

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Sign Language Performances Make Every Eminem Song Better

The music of Eminem is extremely good, but do you know what’s better? Watching videos of people performing his songs in American Sign Language. Read More >>

Bored and Irrelevant, Julian Assange Plays Kitty Cat Dress-Up

After getting his internet privileges taken away by the Ecuadoran government in October, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is evidently bored. Currently in exile and facing rape charges in Europe, without internet, Assange has found a better way to pass the time: playing dress-up with his kitty cat. Read More >>

Millennials Simply Have to Have Their Coffee, No Matter the Cost

According to a new report from Bloomberg, millennials simply gotta have their java. Great for business, you might think, except coffee supplies around the world are tightening. So if we enter into a global coffee shortage, blame the java-crazed millennials. Read More >>

The 10 Vines That Shaped Meme History

It's a very sad time for memes, because last week Twitter killed its viral video app, Vine. Vine, while never “profitable,” was responsible for some the rather prolific and viral memes. Read More >>

Memes Are Now Bigger Than Jesus on Google

After a reign lasting more than 2000 years, the King of the Judeans has been dethroned. Read More >>

Gizmodo Frights: The Spookiest Phobias From the Wikipedia of Fear

I am afraid of everything, and for good reason: the world can be a really miserable and terrifying place. There are some things, however, I fear for no tangible reason. Like the number eleven. It freaks me out. A lot. You know what’s even worse than eleven? One hundred and eleven. I’m writing these numbers out because I will panic if I see that many ones next to each other. On my quest to figure out why on earth eleven has some inherently evil quality only I can perceive, I found a beautiful website called Phobia Wiki. Here’s its mission statement: Read More >>