The Secret to Free Music Is Internet Radio

If you want to enter the modern age and listen to all your music online then streaming is the only way to go. While iHeartRadio and Pandora have both become the poor man’s Spotify—demanding costly monthly fees for so so music selection there’s still genuine free music available online. Internet radio gives you an endless amount of free music with just a few clicks of the mouse...provided you know where to look. Read More >>

This SoundCloud App Plays Only Your Favourite Artists’ Favourite Songs

We've said it before and we'll say it again: SoundCloud is amazing. But many people, especially newcomers, complain that it can be hard to find the fist-pumping signal in the noise. A new SoundCloud recommendation engine called DiscoverTracks, however, makes it super simple. Read More >>

Report: Apple Is Finally Sealing Deals For Its Internet Radio

The New York Times is reporting that Apple's much-rumoured music streaming service may soon be ready — even in time for next week's WWDC — thanks to the company finally signing contracts with major music labels. Read More >>

Files Discovered in Jailbroken iPads Hint at Future Radio Features

Files discovered by 9to5Mac in the Music app on newly jailbroken iPads suggest that Apple's long-rumoured radio service might turn out to be more than a rumour after all. Read More >>

Bloomberg: Apple’s Pandora-Killing Internet Radio Service Is Coming Early Next Year

Bloomberg reports that Apple is currently negotiating licensing deals with record labels in hopes that it can launch an Internet radio service "within the first three months of 2013." The service would be a formidable competitor to Pandora. Read More >>