Netgear’s Orbi Voice is a Great Mesh Network, but the Smart Speaker Won’t be for Everyone

There are a lot of trends going on in the router world these days, but one of the most interesting (I think) is the idea of the mesh network. Mesh systems can cover a much larger area than a single router, but unlike range extenders they're supposed to seamlessly switch to the strongest WiFi signal - rather than clinging onto the oldest one until the signal is too weak to maintain it. Netgear is one of the companies to go big on mesh systems with the Orbi brand, and they sent me the new Orbi Voice smart speaker to check out. TL;DR: the mesh system is great, but the whole smart speaker stuff could do with some work. Read More >>

Porn Block Demonstrates the Government Is More Concerned With Censorship Than Security

If you think that the government's age verification porn block is a bloody stupid idea, you're not the only one. By failing to properly inform the public of the new policy and not doing enough to protect our data, it's become abundantly clear who the real wanker is. Read More >>

19 Tricks to Get More Out of Your Amazon Account

If you’re one of the millions of people on the planet with an Amazon account, you’ve probably never come close to using all of its services, apps, labyrinthine website menus, and settings screens. Here are 19 tricks to get more out of your Amazon account. Read More >>

Play This Devious Browser Game That Makes Pop-up Windows Infuriating in a Whole New Way

Despite being 43 years old, Breakout still manages to be an addictive game, challenging your reflexes as much as the latest first-person shooters do. A browser-based game called Brickception manages to make the game even harder with a pop-up window that you’ll quickly find immensely annoying—even though it’s not serving up any ads. Read More >>

A Premium Version of Firefox Is Coming, Mozilla CEO Says – Would You Pay for It?

For more than a decade, we’ve been able to count on one crucial piece of software being available entirely for free: web browsers. But that may soon change. Kind of. In an interview with German publican t3n spotted by the Next Web, Mozilla CEO Chris Beard said a premium Firefox is on its way sometime in fall this year. Read More >>

privacy and security
Russia Plans to Block Major VPNs as Next Step in Closing Up Internet

Russia is getting closer to implementing the sort of internet regulations that exist under the Great Firewall of China. Earlier this year, internet providers began preparing to conduct tests to find out if Russia can build an internet disconnected from the rest of the world. Now, Russia plans to block major VPN (virtual private network) services that allow users to reach banned websites. Read More >>

Catfish Fetishists: The Men Who Get Off on Getting Scammed Online (NSFW)

It’s Thursday night and Eddie is looking for action. He scrolls through Twitter hoping to find the woman of his dreams. Finally, he finds her, or someone who looks a lot like her: A woman going by the name “Katfish Princess” who describes herself as “hot, greedy and completely fake.” Read More >>

julian assange
Russian Propaganda Outlet Claims You Can’t Embed This Leaked Video of Julian Assange

RT has published leaked footage from inside the prison where Julian Assange is currently serving a 50-week sentence for jumping bail in 2012. And hilariously RT, a Russian propaganda outlet financed by the Kremlin, claims that news outlets and Internet users aren’t allowed to embed the video, despite the fact that RT has posted it on both YouTube and Twitter. Read More >>

Google’s Tweaking Search Results So You Won’t Get Bombarded With The Same Site

Ever google something and the results are all from the same site? Google’s aiming to fix that with a Search update that will give users more site diversity. Read More >>

China Telecom Swallows Huge Amount of European Mobile Traffic For Over Two Hours

For more than two hours on Thursday, one of China’s largest Internet providers forced a huge chunk of European mobile traffic to be rerouted through its own servers. Read More >>

‘We Want YouTube to Remove Crowder’: Googlers Gear Up to Protest at Pride Events

YouTube dug a great big hole for itself earlier this week when its PR bungled its response to the ongoing harassment of a journalist by a far-right pundit. Internally, the backlash from employees at its parent company is growing as LGBTQ and allied workers mobilise to demand a satisfactory response. Read More >>

Cuba’s Internet Restrictions Continue to Crumble as It Legalises Private Wifi and Imported Routers

If you want to get online in Cuba, you currently have to go to a government-sanctioned hotspot, build your own illicit hotspot using illegal routers, or create a hotspot with an expensive 3G connection on your phone. But that will soon change, according to the Associated Press. Read More >>

Terry Pratchett Predicted the Rise of Nazis Online During an Interview with Bill Gates in 1995

Most of us weren’t online back in 1995, let alone getting most of our news from online sources. But the late fantasy author Terry Pratchett knew what was coming. And a newly unearthed GQ interview from 1995, with Bill Gates no less, reveals that Pratchett really could see the future. Read More >>

New Firefox Competes With Chrome on Speed And Privacy

Mozilla launched a new version of Firefox today spotlighting its speed and privacy features as the San Francisco-based open source upstarts continue to compete against Google Chrome’s global browser dominance. Read More >>