Pass The Sick Bag: Emojis And Hashtags Are The New Public Displays Of Affection

Queensland University's Creative Advertising lecturer, Michael Klaehn, says the word "love" was tweeted more than 2.5 billion times in the past year and today "it will be the hottest word on the Twitterscape, most likely paired with one of the top 10 global love Emojis or hashtags". Read More >>

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone, Pornhub Wants To Be Your New ‘Bae’

Forget chocolates, tacky greeting cards, flowers that are technically already dead; Pornhub are giving the people what they really want this Valentine's Day - free (premium) porn. Read More >>

5 Reasons You Might Ditch Google Docs For Dropbox Paper

Image: Dropbox
Hey Google—there’s a new lightweight, web-based, word processing tool in town and it’s called Dropbox Paper. After more than a year of beta testing, the app is finally available to anyone with a Dropbox account. It might not be loaded with as many features as Google Docs, but there’s still plenty to love that sets it apart from the more staid cloud-based word processor. Here are some of the reasons you might want to make the switch from writing all your missives in the Google ecosystem. Read More >>

YouTube Rolls Out Mobile Live Streaming And Monetised ‘Super Chat’

If you have over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube, you'll be able to live stream on mobile as of now. For the rest of us plebs, we'll have to wait a little while for the new feature - but we do have immediate access to the new 'Super Chat' feature. Which you'll have to pay for, and creators will earn sweet cash on the back of. Read More >>

How a Video Game Chat Client Became the Web’s New Cesspool of Abuse

Over 25 million users have flocked to Discord, a text and voice platform for gamers, since its launch in May of 2015. Despite the company raising at least 30 million in venture capital funding, the company has only five “customer experience” personnel and no moderators on its staff. From what I’ve seen, users who wish to engage in harassment, raid servers, or bombard chats and users with child pornography suffer no lasting repercussions for doing so. That seemingly any server can become the victim of organised attacks represents the strained and failing infrastructure of moderation—of Discord, and of virtually any community on the internet. Read More >>

Twitter Is Stopping Suspended Users From Making New Accounts

Twitter is making some changes which the platform says are to ensure "the issue of safety is addressed from every angle." The changes include stopping the creation of "abusive" accounts, creating a "safe search" that removes "sensitive content" and "collapsing" abusive and low-quality replies. Read More >>

IMDB Kills Its Message Boards and Nothing of Value Was Lost

Whether you’re trying to remember the name of that guy from the thing, or just contrasting a score against Rotten Tomatoes’ to see if it’s worth spending money to see something at the cinema, the Internet Movie Database is an indispensable consumer resource. There are many reasons IMDB has become an internet mainstay for the past decade, but the site’s infamously ugly, useless, and tangential forum posts aren’t one of them. Read More >>

CSIRO: Most Mobile VPNs Aren’t Secure

If you're using a VPN app to secure your smartphone — maybe to download torrents, maybe to make your online banking a little more safe — then chances are, it's not doing what it pretends to. A paper co-authored by CSIRO's data science arm examined nearly 300 Android VPN apps and found that almost all of them leak some kind of user traffic data. Read More >>

5 Easy Ways to Secure Your Home’s Wi-Fi

Your home wi-Fi network might be a glorious model of high-speed, rock-solid internet connectivity, but is it safe? Even after you’ve got all of your various computers and devices hooked up, you still need to make sure the network’s secured against unwelcome visitors, and here’s exactly how to make sure it happens. Read More >>

Vine Website Transformed Into Video Archive (And Clearly Not Dead)

Vine was dead. Then it sort-of wasn't. Now? It's definitely not, at least for the site itself. Owner Twitter has decided that rather than take it down, it'll become a permanent archive instead. Read More >>

BT Hikes Broadband Prices Across The Board

Annoying news for BT customers today as the company is expected to announce an above inflation price rises that will affect every BT broadband and TV customer. Read More >>

Millions of Fraud and Cybercrime Cases Were Reported in 2016

The first official recording of cybercrime in crime reports for England and Wales has caused headline numbers to rocket, with over two million cases of computer misuse and 3.6m recorded fraud attempts making the countries look like they've turned into crime-ridden hell holes. Read More >>

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How to Save Your Vines Before It’s Too Late

Let’s bow our heads for six seconds of silence: Vine is closing down. Today, in fact. The video looping service doesn’t fit in with Twitter’s plans for the future, which means you’re going to have to go elsewhere for your micro-movie-making exploits. Read More >>

Watching David Bowie Argue With Paxman About the Future of the Internet Is Beautiful

In 1999, Davide Bowie sat down for a TV interview with the BBC's Jeremy Paxman. Bowie explains that if he were a kid of the 1990s he wouldn’t have become a pop star. Instead, Bowie probably would’ve become obsessed with the internet. Why? According to Bowie, that’s where the potentially interesting—chaotic, nihilistic, and truly rebellious—stuff was really happening. Read More >>

British Broadband Stubbornness Costs Us £322 A Year

There are many upsides to bring a stubborn Brit: getting a seat on the bus, feeling like you bested someone in a battle of wits, never having to change. But it seems being stuck in our ways is costing us, at least in terms of bills. Read More >>