Jump Back in Time and See What Your Twitter Feed Looked Like in 2008

May 2008 was a very different time. Gordon Brown was Prime Minister, Iron Man was in cinemas, there was only one iPhone, Giz UK wasn't even a pipe dream, and the prospect of Star Wars returning to cinemas was laughable at best. Twitter was also only two years old, and barely used by anyone. It was a very different place, devoid of American presidents and a large number of major news organisations. Read More >>

Facebook and Google Already Have GDPR Complaints Over ‘Forced Consent’

The EU's General Data Protection Regulation goes live today, after what feels like a lifetime of build up. There hasn't been much time wasted in filing complaints, however, since dedicated Facebook privacy critic Max Schrems has already filed complaints levelled at Google and Facebook. Read More >>

Even Pornhub Has its Own VPN

VPNs are big business. They can be used to help safeguard your browsing data, especially on unsecured wi-fi networks, and they have the added bonus of being able to get round geographic filters on online content. Everyone seems to have a VPN these days, including Facebook, and now Pornhub is getting in on it. Read More >>

Guess I Didn’t Click on That StumbleUpon Button Enough, Because the Site Is Dead

Come 30th June, you will no longer be able to click on that little StumbleUpon icon to discover new websites. StumbleUpon is shutting down, and its makers are putting all their energy into founder Garret Camp’s other venture. No, not Uber, which he also also co-founded. But Mix. Read More >>

YouTube Is Messing With the Order of Videos in Some User Feeds

YouTube is making even more changes to the way you watch videos, just in case you thought the video platform was done complicating its service after introducing YouTube Music. As noticed by MacRumors, YouTube is now testing non-chronological subscription feeds, a feature pretty much no one asked for, and one that is incredibly redundant. Why does every site with a feed seek to alter the concept of time? Read More >>

Facebook Still Thinks Uploading Naked Pictures of Yourself is the Best Way to Stop Revenge Porn

Back in October Facebook announced its plans to tackle the problem of revenge porn being spread on its platform. Plans that involved asking users to upload naked pictures of themselves, so the platform could assign a digital fingerprint and curb any attempts to spread the pictures around. That story is back in the news again, because this system is going to be trialled in the UK, US, Australia, and Canada. Read More >>

Music Industry Wants the UK’s Upcoming Internet Safety Laws to Deal With Piracy

For the past few years the government has made it clear it wants a more active hand in the internet. Whether it's adding age verification gates to content unsuitable for under 18s (like porn), demanding social networks tackle hate speech and extremism more effectively, or simply to make using the internet "safer" - whatever that actually means. Read More >>

Infamous Kodi Library TVAddons Has Denied Copyright Infringement Allegations in Court

TVAddons has long been associated with the Kodi brand, as much as the people at Kodi would rather it not be. It became a very popular way for Kodi users to access third party addons, and has long been accused of facilitating piracy by hosting addons that let users access premium content without paying for it. TVAddons has always denied these claims, and now has gone on record to state as much in court. Read More >>

The Government Wants to Introduce Internet Safety Laws in “the Next Couple of Years”

Last year the government revealed that there were plans in motion to make the UK "the safest place in the world to go online". Now Digital Secretary Matt Hancock has announced he wants a white paper to be drafted later this year so those rules can be put into effect "in the next couple of years". Read More >>

The Blood Ritual That Lives on YouTube

Phoebe Rosa Castillo did her first Blood Over Intent ritual in August 2017. Draped in white fabric, the altar in her North Hollywood, Los Angeles flat featured crystals facing North, a crucible pointing East, a candle to the South, and an arrangement of seashells marking West. Castillo, 27, spent about a month debating whether to go through with it, but she finally set up her camera carefully, and then pricked her finger with a medical lancet until she saw blood bubble up from beneath her skin. Read More >>

EE’s New ‘Hybrid’ Broadband Merges Fibre With EE’s 4G Network, for Extra Speed and Reliability

EE and BT made a big announcement this morning, with a new 'hybrid' router than links up regular fibre-topic broadband with EE's 4G network. What that means is that this router can use both regular and mobile broadband options, to ensure that you're always getting the best and most stable connection. Read More >>

The Government Might Have Newsagents Sell ‘Porn Passes’ to Let People Access Porn Online

Sometime in the near future, supposedly before the end of the year, the government will force porn websites to add age verification gates and deny access to anyone from within the UK unless they can prove they're over the age of 18. We know a lot more about these plans than we did a few months ago, there are still some holes and problems - particular with regard to the data collected by the competing age verification systems that are going to be in play. Now there seems to be another system in play: purchasing a dedicated 'porn pass' from a local newsagent. Read More >>

ISP Internet Filters Cock Up Again, Block Disney Sites, Internet Safety Tips, and More

Since he first got into Downing Street David Cameron was on a crusade against online porn, eventually forcing ISPs to implement filters that blocked online smut (amongst other things) by default. Those blocks were far from perfect, and it was revealed that they also ended blocking sites promoting safe sex education amongst teens. Despite not hearing about them for a while, those filters are still around - and they're back in the news again for getting up to their old tricks. Read More >>

French Government Seizes Domain, Gets Sued

Ever since the mid-90s, the website '' has been owned by the same man, French-born US citizen Jean-Noel Frydman. Or at least he did, until the French Foreign Ministry seized the domain following a lawsuit. So he's suing. Read More >>

Russia Is Still Trashing Its Internet Two Weeks Into Its Failed Rampage Against Telegram

Since Russia banned the Telegram messaging app, the government has embarked on a campaign of hitting itself in the face. The functionality of the Russian internet has been hobbled for two weeks as regulators wildly block IP addresses, and on Thursday a Kremlin spokesperson admitted he still uses Telegram. “It works for me, and there’s nothing to it,” he said. Read More >>