Which? Declares Homebase the UK’s Worst Online Retailer

There are plenty of crap retailers out on the wide world of the web, but have you ever wondered which one is the worst? Well to save you the trouble of working it out for yourself, Which?'s latest survey has done it for you. As it turns out hard-up retailer Homebase is the proud owner of the UK's worst retail website. Read More >>

Berners-Lee Says Enforced Random Social Media Friends Might Make us Behave

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who spends most of his time looking at a computer through gaps in his hands while sobbing "WHY?" to the advertising bots that monitor his webcam, has had a small idea that could make the social media world marginally less corrosive to the souls of its human customers. He says we should be encouraged to befriend strangers, as then we might behave a bit better. Read More >>

Opera for Android Removes Those Annoying Cookies Messages, With a Catch

For years we've had to deal with those irritating pop-up messages that insist on telling use that websites use cookies for one reason or another - something that's only got worse since the GDPR. It's especially annoying on mobiles, where those banners and pop-ups can take up too much space and take ages to dismiss. There's good news from Opera, which has announced its Android browser will dismiss those notifications. Read More >>

The UK’s Internet is the Fifth Cheapest in Western Europe

We all love to complain about the internet, especially where cost is concerned, but it turns out we've got it pretty good. According to's latest Worldwide Broadband Price Comparison, the cost of getting online in the UK is the fifth cheapest in Western Europe. We're also ranked 61st globally. Read More >>

Google Chrome Will Soon Nuke Ads On Extra-Shitty Websites

Google’s Chrome browser is making further changes to eliminate annoying or malicious ad practices and punish the bottom lines of sites that use them. Read More >>

Flickr Is Going to Delete a Bunch of Photos—Back Up Yours Now

Flickr is under new ownership and that means new rules. Now it’s time to back up all those photos that you just assumed would be there forever. Read More >>

TalkTalk Thinks it’s Black Friday Already, and Has Discounted the Internet

Black Friday is happening on 23rd November, which is still *checks calendar* three weeks away. It's a wonderful day where everyone heads online to buy a bunch of stuff simply because it's been discounted. Assuming they're not in the local supermarket curb stomping each other to get £15 off a new TV. But, as with all holidays, Black Friday starts earlier and earlier each year. According to TalkTalk that means it's time to kick things off today. Read More >>

Scientists Worldwide Are Getting Serious About Quantum Internet

It takes little more than logging on to see the flaws in today’s internet—mainly, how easy it is to steal or intercept data. One future solution for these problems could be an upgrade that relies on the latest advances in the science of subatomic particles: a quantum internet. Read More >>

Yahoo to Pay £39 Million to Victims of Massive Security Breach

Yahoo’s ongoing legal troubles related to the biggest data breach in history appear to be coming to a close. It has submitted a settlement to a US district court agreeing to pay victims $50 million (£39 million) along with some other benefits. Anyone who spent time undoing damage from the breach should pay attention. Read More >>

How to Do Passwords Right in 2018

Even in a world of face unlocking and fingerprint scanning, we still haven’t escaped the password just yet. They’re still a necessity and they’re still annoying to remember. There are now numerous browser features, third-party tools, and even hardware dongles designed to help keep your login credentials safe and secure. Here’s how to make sure you’re doing passwords right in 2018. Read More >>

9 Reasons it Might be Time to Switch to Microsoft Edge

Years after we all jumped ship from Internet Explorer to Firefox and Chrome, we don’t really want to go back to a Microsoft browser, do we? While buggy and slow when it first appeared, Microsoft Edge has been given a continuing stream of new features and updates that make it worthy of your consideration now. Below are nine of our favourite additions that make it a worthy replacement for your current browser. Read More >>

Bing and Yahoo Are Surfacing Some Extremely Racist Search Queries

In yet another case of a search engine finding itself in hot water over racist, sexist, or otherwise problematic search results, it appears Microsoft’s Bing—whose technology also powers Yahoo’s search function—is returning wildly offensive related search suggestions in its image search function. A report from online tech blog How-To Geek published Wednesday surfaced a number of alarming returns on queries, including racist language and conspiracy theories. Read More >>

Mark Judge’s Book Wasted Now Available for Free on the Internet Archive

Mark Judge’s 1997 book, Wasted: Tales of a GenX Drunk, has become an international focal point as people in America and elsewhere debate the fitness of Judge’s old friend, Brett Kavanaugh. But it’s virtually impossible to buy the out-of-print book, with one copy going for $1,900 (£1,438) on Amazon. Thankfully, the Internet Archive now has a copy that you can read for free, giving us a peek at this unlikely piece of American political history. Read More >>

A Major Scientific Project Aims to Find Out Exactly How the Internet Is Screwing With Your Brain

As anyone who has spent any amount of time on Twitter can tell you, the internet can bring out the worst in us. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that scientists in Europe are now hoping to catalogue exactly how the online hellscape affects mental health and well-being. Read More >>

5 Online Subscriptions That Don’t Actually Suck

Remember a time when you paid for your music, and your movies, and your software with a one-off payment rather than a recurring subscription fee debited from your bank account each month? Those times are fading into history for most of us. Subscriptions are now king and practically inescapable. Read More >>