Most Guns Sold on the Dark Web Originate from the United States, Study Finds, Surprising No One  

Roughly three-fifths of the weapons sold on a selection of dark web marketplaces originate from the United States, according to a new study examining the scope of the internet’s black market arms trade. Read More >>

Authorities Shut Down Two Major Dark Web Markets

Two major dark web markets, AlphaBay and Hansa, have been shut down, US and European authorities announced. The marketplaces offered drugs, weapons, forged documents, and malware. AlphaBay, the larger of the two sites, hosted around 369,000 listings for various items at the time of its seizure, the US Department of Justice said. Read More >>

Vintage Scifi Mag Galaxy Available For Free Online

Galaxy magazine was a pulpy, science fiction paradise from 1950 to 1980, publishing some of the most important futuristic voices of the 20th century—to say nothing of the amazing cover illustrations. And you can read hundreds of issues from its heyday online, all thanks to Read More >>

22,000 People Agree to Clean Toilets for WiFi Because They Didn’t Read the Terms

Tim Berners-Lee, the father of the World Wide Web, listed his top worries for the future of his creation earlier this year. One of his biggest concerns is the increasingly dense terms of service agreements that companies ask users to sign. Now, a public WiFi company has demonstrated just how dangerous those complicated agreements can be by inserting absurd conditions that thousands of people unwittingly agreed to. Read More >>

Study: The Internet Is Still Full of Arseholes

A nationally-representative US study on online harassment released by Pew Research today confirms what most of us already know: the internet is absolutely chock full of abusive shitheads. Read More >>

Microsoft’s Plan to Beam Internet Over TV Frequencies Is So Crazy It Might Work

In the same hotel where Alexander Graham Bell once demoed coast-to-coast telephone calls, Microsoft will announce plans for a new white space internet service on Tuesday. This ludicrous technology sends broadband internet wirelessly over the unused channels of the television spectrum. It’s also ingenious. Read More >>

Virgin Media Caught Selling 200 Megabit Broadband To People Who Won’t Get That Speed

A BBC Watchdog report, which will air tonight, is due to show that Virgin is selling 200mbps broadband products to homes in areas that have high levels of network congestion. That basically means some people are getting much lower speeds than they're paying for. Read More >>

fake news
Fake News, Explained By Science

Why do fake news stories and hoaxes go viral? This was the question asked by a team of US researchers - who discovered both high (real) and low (fake) quality information is shared at similar rates on social media platforms such as Facebook. Read More >>

McMansion Hell is Back Online, Will Not Comply With Zillow’s Demands

Earlier this week, the real estate site Zillow sent a cease-and-desist letter to the writer behind McMansion Hell, a blog that makes fun of ugly suburban houses. McMansion Hell’s creator, Kate Wagner, uses Zillow photos in her posts—which Zillow claims is a violation of their terms of service. However, Wagner’s lawyers at the Electronic Frontier Foundation say that her blog is a “classic example of fair use” and that Zillow needs to back off. Read More >>

Get Around Government Regulations With a VPN

During the recent State Opening of Parliament , the Queen highlighted how a “new digital charter” would ensure that the UK is the “safest place to be online.” While on the surface this statement sounds like a good thing, it may actually mean that the Internet in the UK is about to get a lot more regulated. Government regulation could prevent you from using many of your favourite sites and services on the web. However by using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can bypass government regulations as well as region blocks to access all of your favourite content. Read More >>

Goodbye Phone Boxes, Hello Wifi Kiosk: Hands-On With BT InLink

What do you do when you own the thousands of spots that used to hold payphones now that nobody needs a phone box to make a call? Read More >>

Virgin Media Superhub 2 Owners Need To Change Their Passwords

Virgin has told 800,000 customers using SuperHub 2 hardware to change their router passwords to avoid being hacked. The problem, reported by Which?, is that the password can be attacked and guessed within days if the default is used. Read More >>

Bypass Region Blocks With a VPN

A new ruling from the European court of justice (ECJ) has found that the popular torrenting website The Pirate Bay is directly infringing on copyrights and this could very well lead to an EU-wide mandate that the site is blocked by all Internet service providers in the region.  Most telecoms in the UK have already banned the site, but the EU’s new ruling could make it difficult to access it at all.  However, by using a VPN to connect to the Internet, you can easily get around these region blocks or any others on your favourite sites and services. Read More >>

YouTube Is Introducing Heatmaps To Let Content Creators Know Exactly What VR Users Are Looking At

Are you a prolific YouTube personality? If so, do we ever have some gloriously life-affirming news for you. The video streaming colossus is introducing heatmaps for VR and 360-degree videos, so if your channel happens to be stuffed full of virtual reality content, you'll soon be able to find out exactly what your subscribers at looking at. Read More >>

Charles Thacker Dies Aged 74: You Wouldn’t Be Online Without Him

Charles Thacker, the man who helped create graphical operating systems, the laser printer and tablet computers has died aged 74. Read More >>