Sandy Hook Hoaxer Blogs Start Disappearing From WordPress Sites

Alex Jones has been hit with bans and suspensions by platforms ranging from Apple’s Podcasts app to YouTube to Google+ in recent weeks. There are few companies that want to be associated with dangerous claims that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. One consequential company that’s been overlooked is owner Automattic, which is now bringing down its own banhammer on conspiracy theorists. Read More >>

Yes, You Should Still Change Your DNS Settings for Better Internet

The DNS (Domain Name System) server settings on your laptop, phone, or router are your gateway to the web—converting easy-to-remember domain names into actual internet IP addresses, just like your contacts app converts names into actual phone numbers. You can change which DNS server your devices use, though, and perhaps get yourself a faster, more secure internet connection along the way. Read More >>

Judge Rules Discord Must Turn Over Account Data of Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville Planning Server

A subpoena against chat service Discord could reveal the identities of many of the neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other far-right organisers involved in the planning of the disastrous 2017 Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville that resulted in widespread violence, rioting, the deaths of local woman Heather Heyer and two police officers, and scores of injuries. Read More >>

Looks Like the UK is Really Getting Behind This ‘Paid Streaming’ Fad

The option to access media on the internet has been available for a very long time. As long as it's been possible, people have flocked to their computers to watch videos, listen to music, and on. Streaming has taken that to an extreme, and in a way that's far more pleasant and convenient than traditional methods. So it should be no surprise than nearly half of British adults are paying to stream content. Read More >>

Bangladesh Blocks Mobile Internet Amid Police Crackdown on Student Protests

The Bangladeshi government has reportedly suspended 3G and 4G mobile internet services since last Saturday after more than a week of violent clashes between police and student protesters over road safety. Read More >>

Vodafone Will Give You a Free Gadget if You Buy its Broadband

Lots of companies want to sell you internet, and there are plenty of tactics they're willing to try in an attempt to lure you in. Some offer hefty discounts, others free access to certain services, while some will throw a free gift or two your way in the hopes that will work. Vodafone is the latter, having just announced new customers will be able to claim a free gift worth up to £199 if they sign up. Read More >>

Sky’s Using Analytics Data To Work Out Which Pirate Sites to Block

Sky, like other internet providers, has an obligation to block piracy-enabling sites for a variety of reasons - be they court orders or injunctions handed down by the Premier League. Being a broadcaster, with a particular interest in getting people to pay for their sports, it's hard to imagine Sky would have any objection to this, but it's not always an easy task. So it's turning to analytics data to stay on top of things. Read More >>

When a Stranger Decides to Destroy Your Life

Monika Glennon has lived in Huntsville, Alabama for the last 12 years. Other than a strong Polish accent, she fits a certain stereotype of the All-American life. She’s blonde. Her husband is a veteran Marine. Her two children, a boy and a girl, joined the military as adults. She sells houses—she’s an estate agent at Re/Max—helping others realise their own American dream. Read More >>

The Government Wants All New Homes to Have Proper Fibre Internet As Standard

A couple of weeks ago the government announced that it wanted everyone in the UK to have access to a proper fibre internet connection (one without any copper wiring involved) by the year 2033. Now it's announced that it wants fibre to be installed as standard on new home built in the UK. Read More >>

Pirates are ‘Untapped Pools of Wealth’ Says UK Firm

In recent times figures have shown that pirates are more than willing to pay for legal streaming services, even if that doesn't cause them to completely give up the piracy habit for good. While the entertainment industry often portrays them as the enemy, British firm MUSO is taking a slightly different approach. While it still offers tools designed to take down pirate content, it considers there an opportunity in piracy. Read More >>

Vodafone’s Gigabit Broadband Starts Rolling Out to the UK

For most of the UK, ultrafast internet is still but a pipe dream. Lots of areas aren't wired up for Virgin Media's highest speed broadband - currently 350Mb - and less than stellar standard broadband infrastructure means that even major cities can't reach anywhere near the average speed of 46.2Mb. My in-laws live in Sheffield and struggle to get even 3Mb through the phoneline. It's painful. Read More >>

Google Announces Plan to Lay Massive Subsea Cable From Virginia to France

On Tuesday, Google announced yet another massive subsea cable project, this time a private line stretching across the Atlantic Ocean to connect a data centre in the US directly to another in Europe. Read More >>

Google’s Launched its Job Hunting Aggregation Tool in the UK

If you're in the market for a new job, or just a change of pace, there are plenty of job sites out there for you to check out. There are even plenty of aggregation sites that pull in vacancies from multiple sources and make the hunting process that bit easier. Now Google has announced its brought one of its own to the UK. Read More >>

The Internet Is a Big, Nasty Potato Salad We Can’t Get Enough Of

On a picnic table before you sits an enormous bowl of potato salad. You have a bite, which tastes okay, and almost immediately start feeling ill. You, however, love potato salad. So you have another bite, which makes you feel even worse, and then another, and then another. Somewhere, deep down, you know this is madness. “Why am I doing this?” you ask, shovelling another vile dollop into your quivering maw. “I feel like I’m gonna hurl.” Read More >>

Internet Filters Rarely Keep Under-18s Away From Porn, Claims Study

In some news that is, frankly, about as surprising to wake up and wind the sun has risen from the east, researchers from Oxford Internet Institute have that adding filters to the internet isn't a very good way of keeping porn out of the hands of under-18s. And to that I say: Read More >>