It’s Time to Audit All the Extensions You’ve Installed on Your Browser

A lot of what we do on our computers goes through the browser, and that means any extensions you choose to add on top of that browser have a very privileged position: They can see where you’re going online, they can see the data you’re passing to and from the web, and they can send and receive data themselves. Read More >>

Entire Country’s Internet Reportedly Shut Down During Armed Coup Attempt in Gabon

Earlier this week, Gabon experienced an attempted military coup overnight, which led to leaders in the central African nation shutting off the entire country’s internet. Government officials report that the coup was put down and that everything is now “back to normal” despite there being continued reports of spotty internet access. Read More >>

How Ancient Religious Texts Went Digital

In the 1940s, as the Italian Jesuit priest Father Roberto Busa studied “the verbal system” of Thomas Aquinas, he wondered if, perhaps, there was “any gadget” that could help him develop a concordance—an alphabetical listing of all words written by the 13th century philosopher saint, complete with conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns, and their citations. Read More >>

Early Predictions of the Internet Date Back to 19th Century SciFi

Science fiction writers are professional future-dreamers, imagining worlds far beyond their own. With technology advancing at astronomical rates, real life feels more and more like sci-fi every day (for better or worse). So it’s fun to look back at those writers who, decades and even centuries ago, imagined what life would be like now – and some of their predictions were surprisingly accurate. Read More >>

D-Link’s New 5G Wifi Router Could Let You Say Goodbye to Cable Forever

Unless you spent 2018 living in a cave (which would be 100 per cent justified given the political climate) you’ve undoubtedly heard the buzz around the new 5G wireless networks coming online. They not only promise faster internet speeds for mobile devices but wireless internet that’s actually fast enough to completely replace the wired broadband you use at home. With D-Link’s new 5G NR router, all you need is electricity and a SIM card to say goodbye to cable forever. Read More >>

India Proposes Regulation to Force Tech Platforms to Censor the Web and Shatter Security

Following in the footsteps of the European Union and Australia, the government of India now wants to rewrite its laws to censor content and weaken encryption. If allowed to move forward, India’s new proposals would require many web platforms to remove illegal content within 24 hours and use broken automation techniques that will inevitably lead to censorship. Read More >>

New Technology Changes We’re Excited About for 2019

2019 is the year that tech gets it together, we can feel it. Read More >>

How ’90s Cybersex Pioneers Looked for Action and Found Community

If you take a peek at the back pages of 1990s computer magazines, you’ll find plenty of ads for data recovery services, toner cartridges, and bulk shipments of computer disks. Look even closer, and you’ll discover a now-almost-forgotten world of early digital erotica and sexual chat services. Read More >>

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Here’s How Russian Trolls Turned Social Media Into a Weapon While Tech Giants Played Dumb

Last week, two new independent studies commissioned by the US Senate Intelligence Committee were made public, providing the most in-depth look at online Russian interference in the 2016 American presidential election to date. The studies found that social media networks haven’t been totally forthcoming with lawmakers, and the propaganda efforts were decidedly designed to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States. Read More >>

Why You’ll Still Need Wifi When 5G Is Everywhere, According to the Wi-Fi Alliance

Good news for fans of getting stuff fast—all of us, then—because a new version of wifi is just around the corner. Wi-Fi 6 is going to be better than current wifi in every regard, and the body behind it just published a paper extolling its virtues, emphasising that, yes, we will still need good old wifi internet connections even after 5G arrives. Read More >>

We Finally Have Some Hard Data on How Much Twitter Sucks

Nine months after Amnesty International called on Twitter to be more transparent about abuse on its platform, the organisation has published another study indicating that—brace yourself—Twitter still has a damning online abuse problem, and it overwhelmingly affects women of colour. Read More >>

Cloudflare Under Fire for Allegedly Providing DDoS Protection for Terrorist Websites

At a moment when free speech online and moderation policies are more controversial than ever, Cloudflare is facing accusations that it’s providing cybersecurity protection for at least seven terrorist organisations—a situation that some legal experts say could put it in legal jeopardy. Read More >>

Google Finally Gives Up the Duck

Solidifying its powerful monopoly on duck-related online content, the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo is now the proud owner of The development comes after Google finally relented in an age-old dispute. Read More >>

The UK is Still the Second Most Porn-Hungry Country in the World, According to Pornhub

The end of the year is coming, and every service out there is prepping their own reviews of the past 12 months. Pornhub is no exception, and has plenty of numbers to crunch and work out what 2018 meant to the world of porn. As it turns out the UK is pretty hungry for free-to-access porn, and it's second only to the appetites of the Americans. Read More >>

How to Reset All of Your Browsers Back to Square One

Like an operating system reinstall, resetting your web browser can fix all kinds of problems and improve performance at the same time—squash annoying bugs, clear out dodgy and outdated extensions and get a browser that’s good as new with a hard reset. Here’s how to carry it out on all the major browsers. Read More >>