Facebook is Reportedly Planning to Launch a Low Earth Orbit Internet Satellite

Facebook, which earlier this year abandoned plans to build its own passenger jet-sized, solar powered drones to provide internet access in remote stretches of the world, is once again pursuing plans to launch satellites to do the job instead. Read More >>

100 Million People Are Connected to Facebook’s Walled-Garden Internet

Facebook is connecting the world to the internet, for better or worse. According to the company’s earnings report for the first quarter of 2018, Facebook has now connected more than 100 million people to its very narrow version of the internet provided by Internet.org. Read More >>

A Week After India Banned It, Facebook’s “Free Basics” Shuts Down in Egypt 

Facebook’s “Free Basics” program in Egypt has been shut down, according to Facebook. It’s unclear why the new free internet service stopped working, but the news arrives a week after the Indian government temporarily banned the programme in the wake of on-going net neutrality concerns. Read More >>

Mark Zuckerberg Warns of Too Much Net Neutrality

There is such a thing as too much freedom. If nothing was illegal, people would rob and kill each other, right? There’s no such thing as too much net neutrality, however. Unless you’re talking to the billionaire son of a dentist who’s trying to make every person on the planet sign up for his internet website. Read More >>

Internet.org is Giving Developing Countries Free Data for Many Sites

Internet.org—the Zuckerberg-backed initiative to make the internet available the world over—has announced that its new app will provide free data access for services like Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and more. Read More >>

Facebook’s Drone-and-Laser Plan to Give Internet to Everyone

In its quest to get the whole world online, Facebook's Internet.org project has included partnerships with companies like Samsung and Nokia, as well as with NASA. Now it seems that rumors about Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook drone dreams are true, and the social network giant is planning on internet-delivering drones, satellites, and even lasers. Here's our first look at how that might take shape. Read More >>