Why Doesn’t the Black Hole Image Look Like the One From Interstellar?

No one knew what a black hole looked like before yesterday. Sure, we thought we knew, thanks to simulations and the now-famous black hole featured in the movie Interstellar. Read More >>

Why Is This Asteroid Orbiting the Wrong Way Around the Sun?

Asteroid 2015 BZ509 is orbiting the wrong way around the Sun. Why? According to a hyped new paper from astronomers Fathi Namouni and Helen Morais, this asteroid with its contrary orbit may not be native to our Solar System at all—it may have been captured from interstellar space. Read More >>

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Scientists Are Turning Earth Into a Telescope to See a Black Hole

Black holes may be one of the universe’s most bizarre phenomena. They’re literally divide-by-zeros in the sky, places where the mathematics of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity falls apart. These dense behemoths have such strong gravitational fields that time stops, and all futures point directly at the centre, and light crossing the boundary, or event horizon, can’t escape. But no one’s ever taken a picture of a black hole, and scientists want to change that. Read More >>

Interstellar Should be Used in Schools to Teach About Wormholes, Say Experts

Say what you like about Christopher Nolan's divisive sci-fi extravaganza Interstellar (I'll say that it was way, way overrated), but as far as depictions of wormholes in fiction go, it's as compelling and scientifically informed as they come. So much so, in fact, that some experts are now calling that the film be used to teach about the celestial phenomenon in schools. Read More >>

I Love the Attention to Detail on This Replica TARS

If you weren’t a fan of Matthew McConaughey’s brooding lead in Interstellar, then the obvious highlight of the movie was TARS, the 70 per cent funny army-surplus robot that accompanies him through space and time. This replica, made for Seattle Comic Con, honestly looks better than the real thing. Read More >>

What if Game of Thrones and Interstellar Were Out on VHS?

Kids these days: the convenience of Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant video and any number of streaming sites means that they'll never experience the (slightly damp, poorly lit) wonder of wandering around a VHS rental shop, hunting down a video nasty purely based on its gore-tastic cover, giving an "Eagle Eyes Action Man" glance to the saucy vids on the top shelf. Read More >>

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Interstellar Honest Trailer Rips Apart Christopher Nolan’s Space Movie

I love watching Honest Trailers' takedown of movies because they highlight actual problems, they're actually really funny and they have no sacred cows. They can skewer Michael Bay right next to burning down everyone's post-Dark Knight shrine to Chris Nolan. Here they are hilariously ripping up Interstellar. Read More >>

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Behind the Scenes Footage Shows How Interstellar Robots Were Made

Though I understand its problems, I still enjoyed the visual ride that was Interstellar. Still, the best thing about the movie might have been the TARS and CASE moving-monolith robot machines. Here's a behind the scenes clip that shows how the practical effects of TARS and CASE were made and how they were controlled and moved and given life by puppeteers. Read More >>

How Interstellar’s Robots Were Made With Hardly Any CGI

If you've seen Interstellar, then you know that the best characters are the wise-cracking robots. Unassumingly boxy and faceless, they somehow end up stealing the show. Wired has a fascinating behind-the-scenes look on bringing the robots to life—largely without the help of CGI. Minor spoilers ahead. Read More >>

Behind the Scenes at One of the World’s Best IMAX Theatres

Since 1994, as far as movie theatres go, the IMAX at Lincoln Center in New York City is the best there is. With films projected on an enormous 100-foot screen, any viewing experience there certainly fits the bill as "larger than life." Read More >>

Inside the Creation of Interstellar’s Incredible Sound Effects

Christopher Nolan's space epic Interstellar is one of the most visually striking films in recent memory. It's easy to forget that behind the imagery is the meticulous sound production that ties it all together. Read More >>

The Futuristic Technology That Could Enable Interstellar Travel

Technically savvy scientists and engineers have put much effort into conceiving far-future technologies that might make possible near-light-speed travel. You can learn a lot about their ideas by browsing the web. It will take many centuries for humans to make any of those ideas real, I think. But they do convince me that ultra-advanced civilisations are likely to travel between the stars at a tenth the speed of light or faster. Read More >>

Interstellar’s Two Biggest Stars are Its Hamilton Watches

It's full of space ships, Jenga-like talking robots and some of Hollywood's most recognisable actors, but Interstellar's two biggest stars prove to be a pair of Hamilton watches. Sorry Matthew, the "McConaissance" ends here. Read More >>