An Asteroid Hunter on What We Need to Do to Prevent Armageddon

Humans are rightly terrified by the threat of nuclear war, but there’s also a non-zero chance that a giant rock will come hurling through our atmosphere to ruin every Earthling’s day. When that happened 66 million years ago, it triggered a mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaurs. But we have something the dinosaurs didn’t: scientists who are working hard to account for all of the dangerous asteroids in our solar neighbourhood, and to develop technologies that can move them off a deadly collision course. Read More >>

All the Gear an Ultramarathon Legend Takes With Him on the Trail

Ultramarathon runner Scott Jurek ran the entirety of the Appalachian trail – 2,160 miles of brutal, mountainous terrain on the States' east coast – last summer in 46 days, eight hours, and seven minutes, averaging 48 miles per day. So he knows what’s up with fitness gear that can withstand some brutal circumstances. Read More >>

How to Save the Planet: An Interview With Two Iconic Scientists

What happens when two iconic scientists talk about saving our planet? Read on to find out what happened when E O Wilson and Sean Carroll — two giants in their field — sat down to discuss just that. Read More >>

RZA Wants to Buoy the Music Industry, With a Speaker?

Wu-Tang Clan leader RZA started working with speaker manufacturer Boombotix in mid-2014, and he says he wanted make more than just another branded product. "I just had a bigger idea than sticking my logo on something," he told me at CES in Las Vegas. "I thought we could make this great product a little greater." His idea? Load it with exclusive music. Read More >>

Jony Ive Even Engineered the Sound of the Apple Watch Clasp

Even though most of us never even notice it, Apple has a fantastic history of sound design, from the ping of the text message to the decades-old powering up noise. That legacy runs through Apple's new era of product design too, right down to the sound of the new Apple Watch clicking open. Read More >>

Job Applicants Admit More to a Computer Avatar, Says US Gov’t Study

Applying for a US government job? You'll have to answer questions on drug use, criminal activity, and your loyalty to the USA. And thanks to a government study, you might answer to an on-screen avatar, rather than a paper questionnaire. Read More >>

Google’s Larry Page Admits “Speech Recognition is Not Very Good” Right Now

Larry Page, Google's co-founder and CEO, gave a long interview at the TED2014 conference, where he talked about search stuff, voice stuff, and suggested that sharing anonymous medical data could save a staggering 100,000 lives a year around the world if we could all stop being so stressed about our privacy. Read More >>

Boris Flunks IQ Test Questions in Live Radio Interview

Boris Johnson found himself flailing and blabbering more than usual yesterday, when a radio host asked him IQ test questions mid-interview. He got the first two wrong, then stopped playing ball when the third teaser was put to him. Read More >>

Too Much Box and Not Enough Sex Inside Channel 4’s Depressing Sex Box

Channel 4's Sex Box promised an entertaining night of live-sex chat with lovely Mariella Frostrup in charge of things, but in the end viewers were confused by the lack of sex, the box, and the... point of it all. Read More >>

Critic to Interview Couples After Bonking in Plastic “Sex Box” on TV

Presenter and critic Mariella Frostrup is gearing up for one of the oddest jobs on TV, thanks to Channel 4 signing her up to interview couples literally seconds after they've finished having sex for a television show. Read More >>

Sir Jony Ive gold Blue Peter badge
Apple Only Started iOS 7 Work Last Nov, Plus Other Startling Quotes From a Rare Jony Ive Interview

Apple's design boss (Sir) Jony Ive has been let off the leash to help promote iOS 7 and the refreshed iPhone range, giving a super-rare long-form interview to USA Today. He speaks. He answers questions. He even laughs a bit, but that might just be the coffee. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness
watch this
Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Succumb to Your Brutal Star Trek Into Darkness Questioning

Star Trek Into Darkness finally hits our cinemas today, and while legions of fans have already snapped up their tickets, Cumberbatch is in full-on PR mode. Snagged by none-other than Google, watch the Into Darkness baddie squirm under the pressure of a Google+ barrage. Read More >>

BBC Forcing Poor Old Sir David Attenborough to go on Twitter

After proudly serving the nation for 1,000 years and informing us about the sex lives of beetles, whales, elephants and butterflies, Sir David Attenborough is about to face humiliation at the hands of the BBC -- it's making him sit down and go on Twitter. For a whole hour. Read More >>

Stephen Bates RIM EU MD
RIM Gives Us a Master Class on How Not to Answer a Question

We're used to politicians talking a heck of a lot, but not actually saying anything of substance at all, and definitely not answering the damn question. But RIM's EU MD, Stephen Bates, has just put them all to shame. Here's how to stick to a pre-written PR script no matter what the hell happens. Or in other words, how not to do an interview. Just listen to this cringe-fest. Read More >>