Star Trek Into Darkness
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This Latest Star Trek Trailer Shows We’re In For a Truly Awesome Galactic Grudge Match (Update: Hidden Poster)

We've seen plenty of rampaging explosions, London getting torn asunder, and Kirk and Cumberbatch locked in battle. But what we haven't seen is the pure hatred between the two. Yes, this is the best trailer yet, and, yes, Star Trek Into Darkness is going to be truly epic. Read More >>

Star Trek Nerds in Epic Online Battle Over Correct Word Capitalisation

There's a stonking nerd battle going on in the editor comments section of Star Trek: Into Darkness Wikipedia listing, where furious fans have so far penned 45,000 words on the subject of whether the "into" part of "Into Darkness" should be capitalised or not. Read More >>

Star Trek Into Darkness
Full Star Trek Trailer: You May Nerdgasm When Ready

It's here. After the first teaser trailer, we got to see the full one. This one really goes up to Warp 11. So who is the bad guy? Gizmodo reader Thomas Steves has a very good theory, which is supported by some strong evidence and logic: Read More >>