The Best Way to Remove Invasive Species? Greedy Goats

Connie Rieper-Estes likes to name her goat babies in batches. There are the cookie goats: Snickerdoodle, Biscotti, Nutter Butter, and Black and White Cookie. Before them came the ice cream-themed names: Neopolitan and Caramel Sundae. What better names to give a bunch of hungry goats? Read More >>

London Residents Warned That Invasive, Toxic Caterpillars Are Out in Force This Year

Per the New York Times, UK forestry officials are warning that oak processionary moth caterpillars have been sighted emerging from eggs in and near the city since mid-April. Each of their 62,000 hairs contain the protein thaumetopoein, which can cause allergic reactions up to “skin and eye irritation, difficulty breathing and even anaphylactic shock.” The insects originate in southern Europe, but have had a presence in southern England since 2005, when live oaks from Europe were imported along with insect eggs. In addition to their potential danger to humans, they can strip oak trees of leaves, leaving them to die. Read More >>

Lionfish Are Eating Fish We Didn’t Even Know Existed

Lionfish have very low standards and will eat anything in sight. Although they’re originally from the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans, these vacuum cleaners have been flopping around the Atlantic for the last 25 years, probably because people dumped them from their home aquariums. They’re so stupidly hungry and abundant that sometimes, they just eat other lionfish. This would be fine if these venomous beasts just kept to themselves, but because they have very few predators in their new home, lionfish get to ruin everything else around them, too. Seriously, they’re such a nightmare that scientists are trying to fight them with robots. Read More >>

14 Foot-Long Burmese Python Eats Not One, But Three, Deer

After performing an autopsy on a bloated Burmese python, scientists in Florida were shocked to discover the remains of three white-tailed deer. Read More >>

Scientists Create Robotic Terminator To Hunt ‘Darwin’s Nightmare’ Fish

Hordes of lionfish have been roaming the Atlantic for several decades now, and their voracious appetite—and lack of natural predators—has seriously upset the ecological balance of those waters. Now there’s a new foundation devoted to building robots to hunt them down—a Terminator for lionfish. Read More >>

Fine Dining May Solve Puerto Rico’s Invasive Iguana Problem

Puerto Rico is overrun with green iguanas, and they’re wreaking havoc on the island’s ecosystem and its economy. Read More >>

New York Wants to Kill Invasive Swans

The non-native mute swan has been wrecking enough havoc in NYC that the state's Department of Environmental Conservation wants to declare it a "prohibited invasive species." By 2025, under the proposed plan, there will be virtually no more wild mute swans in all of New York. Read More >>

Sorry Cat Lovers, Cats are an Invasive Species, Too

When we think of invasive species, we tend to think of the exotic: Burmese pythons, Asian carp, or any of the bizarre creatures terrorising Florida. But the truth is, our beloved cats can also be bad news for other species. Read More >>

Australian Authorities Seize Katy Perry’s New Album, Deeming it a Biohazard

Katy Perry's new album Prism is very bad. We're not just talking about the music, though. (Roar is rather catchy!) It's bad for the environment. At least, that's what officials say in Australia where the record's been deemed a "biosecurity concern." Read More >>