star wars
How Star Wars Led to the Invention of Laser Tag

When Star Wars was released in May of 1977 it captured the imaginations of numerous people who would go on to change the world. One man, an inventor named George Carter, was inspired to change the ways in which teens screwed around in their free time — he invented Laser Tag. Read More >>

How a Man Who Wore a Fake Uterus is Reinventing Sanitary Pads

This is story about a man who created—and wore—a mock, bleeding uterus made out of a bladder filled with goat's blood. This is also a story about an inventor breaking profound taboos to revolutionise the lives of women. Either way, how a school dropout in India came to invent a cheaper way to make sanitary pads is a tale at once weird and inspiring, as told in a recent BBC article. Read More >>

How One Man Took a Secret Super-Material to His Grave

In 1990, an amateur inventor called Maurice Ward appeared on British TV demonstrating a super-material he'd invented without any scientific training. Called Starlite, it could withstand temperatures of 1000 °C; was hard enough to drill holes in walls, and could easily be painted on to surfaces. In 2011 Ward sadly passed away—without ever having explained to a single scientist how it worked. Read More >>

Wilson Greatbatch, The Man Who Accidentally Invented The Pacemaker, Has Died

Wilson Greatbatch has died at the age of 92. He was a lifelong inventor. And like many inventors, his most notable creation, the implantable cardiac pacemaker, was discovered accidentally. Read More >>